Casper's Adjustable Pro Looks Like the Ultimate Bed Frame, For a Price

If you’ve ever spent time in a hospital and thought to yourself, “man, those beds can do some really cool shit,” (I have definitely had this thought) I have some great news: Casper’s new Adjustable Pro bed frame can let you experience most of the same thrills at home, minus the obvious downsides of being in a hospital.

Southwest Just Launched One of the Best Credit Card Bonuses Ever: 30,000 Points + Companion Pass For 2019

Southwest’s lineup of consumer credit cards already offered some of the most lucrative sign-up bonuses in the low-to-midrange travel credit card space, but their new limited time promotion might just be the best welcome offer we’ve ever seen. From any credit card. With any annual fee. Seriously.

How Points Party's Dan Frommer Earns and Spends Credit Card Points

Welcome back to Good Points, a weekly Q&A about credit card points, the people who collect them, and where they take us. This week’s guest is Dan Frommer, a Brooklyn-based journalist and the creator of Points Party, a newsletter about travel points, credit card rewards and loyalty programs. Sign up here for free, and…