Saturday's Best Deals: Not (Just) Black Friday Leftovers

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Black Friday is in the rearview mirror, and Cyber Monday looms. As usual, the middle Saturday is a good mix of new deals, plus a surprising number of Black Friday deals that are still available. We expect a lot of Cyber Monday deals to go live tomorrow, but until then, there’s plenty to tide you over.

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Update: Back in stock!

The release of the new Apple Watch Series 4 coincided with a price drop for the still-excellent Series 3. But this is deals week, which means prices have dropped even lower.

This deal is valid for the 42mm GPS model ($229), plus both sizes in GPS + Cellular configurations. All of the prices are $80 below Apple’s new MSRPs, but we don’t expect it to last for long.

While it can’t handle the highest end games of the Oculus Rift, the portable Oculus Go doesn’t require a $1500+ gaming PC to use. Hell, it doesn’t even need a smartphone. It’s a fully integrated, fully portable VR headset that you can use to watch videos and play basic games, and it’s on sale for the first time ever for deals week. We’re only talking about a $20 discount here, but this thing was so cheap to begin with, that we’ll take it.

Crawling behind your tree twice a day to plug in and unplug your Christmas tree lights? Bah, Hum-plug. Bring your tree into 2018 with this $16 TP-Link Mini Smart Plug, which allows you to enable or disable your outlets with your smartphone, put them on an automated schedule, or control them using Alexa. All that, and it only occupies on socket. Santa would definitely approve.

Unless you really need the iPad Pro (and you almost definitely do not), the standard, vanilla 2018 iPad is a terrific tablet for both consuming and creating media. It even works with the Apple Pencil, the first non-Pro iPad to do so.

We haven’t seen many deals on the new model since it was released, but you can currently grab the 32GB model for an all-time low $249 for Black Friday, or a 128GB model for $329 (hint: get that one). If you ask me, it’s worth it just to play Civilization VI.

Update: Amazon just dropped the two-bulb color starter kit to an all-time low $80, or bundled with a previous generation Echo Dot for $90. Considering the bulbs cost $40 alone each (on sale!), this is far and away the best Hue deal we’ve seen this Black Friday.

It’s 2018. It’s time for your lighting to do more than just turn off and on. At the very least, you should be able to control it with a smart device. Amazon is currently discounting a number of Philips Hue bulbs that can do just that, so you can join the rest of us here in the 21st century. Or, if you’ve already got the basics, there’s also a deal to be had on the ambient lightstrip, so you can really lean into that futuristic Blade Runner vibe. Except, hopefully, for the bleak post-apocalyptic overtones.

Whether you’re looking to start the next big podcast (seriously, you’ve got, like, things to say), improve the quality of your Twitch streams, or just want your Skype calls with Grandma to sound better, the Blue Yeti is one of the most popular mid-range USB microphones you can buy. It’s down to $89 for Black Friday right now, in a variety of colors including Blackout, which is the correct choice.

TCL’s 2018 6-series TVs are famous for offering every form of HDR (including top-shelf Dolby Vision) and excellent Roku software in an affordable package, and the 5-series has basically all of the same features, save for a metal body and local LED dimming zones. It still supports Dolby Vision, it still has an advanced Roku remote and app control, and it’ll still look amazing. At a Black Friday price $430 for a 55" (about $40-$70 less than usual), it’s an incredible value. You can also get the 49" for $350, or the 43" for $320.

Really want the 6 Series? The 55" has a modest discount to $630, from the usual $650 as well.

We see really good deals on Samsung’s higher end QLED TVs with some regularity throughout the year on sites like MassDrop; better even than Black Friday prices. But if you want the OLED-like blacks of Samsung’s best TVs on a budget, we’ve never seen better deals on the entry level Q6 line.

Compared to Q-sets higher up the lineup, the Q6 loses out on (admittedly impressive) features like full array local dimming and Samsung’s higher-end HDR engine, but thanks to the quantum dot tech, it’ll still look better than pretty much any conventional LED TV.

Black Friday prices start at $698 for 49", and in true Samsung fashion, you can go all the way up to 82" if you’d like.

They aren’t Sony’s best noise canceling Bluetooth headphones—that honor goes to the $349 WH1000XM3s—but these wireless over-ears are still a fantastic deal for $98, or $50-$100 less than usual, and the same price we saw on Prime Day. The WH-CH700Ns run for up to 30 hours in wireless noise canceling mode, or you can plug them in with a 3.5mm cord to extend that to 50 hours. If you travel a lot, or just work in a noisy office environment, this is a...



sound investment.

You like falling asleep listening to podcasts or white noise, but your partner doesn’t. How do you deal? DubsLabs Bedphones are extremely thin and wrapped in soft padding, making them ideal for falling asleep while wearing.

For a limited time, you can save 25% on both the wired (regularly $60) and wireless (regularly $100) models with our exclusive KINJA25 promo code.

It’s no secret that our readers love Anker products, so we worked with them to line up exclusive deals on rarely-discounted products, reader favorites, and items we recommended in our holiday gift guides. Just be sure to note the promo codes, and let us know what you got (or anything else you might want a deal on...) in the comments.

All of the deals are above, but I should make special note the two most popular items. The PowerCore Fusion is one of my favorite products (not “Anker products”...just “products”) ever. It’s a wall charger that doubles as a USB battery pack, and the battery recharges itself whenever it’s plugged into the wall. Most USB battery packs require you to bring a spare wall charger and a cable to recharge them, but this just refills while it charges your gadgets at night. I never take a trip without it. At $21 (with code KINJAFS6), it’s a must-buy.

And it can’t be overstated how popular SoundBuds Slims are with our readers. The won our Co-Op because of their solid battery life, tiny design, and strong magnets that hold them together around your neck when not in use. Get them for $21 with promo code KINJAH325.

And while it’s not cheap at $100 (with promo code KINJAPD5), the USB-C Power Delivery battery pack is insanely useful for keeping laptops and Nintendo Switches charged up on long flights. And unlike most USB-C PD battery packs, this one is encased in premium aluminum, and comes with a USB-C wall charger that you can use with all of your USB-C gadgets.

Native Union’s 10' Lightning cable isn’t the cheapest Lightning cable out there, but it might just be the best looking. From the woven exterior (in your choice of colors) to the attractive (and movable) knot that acts as a built-in weight to keep it from falling behind your nightstand, it would be a great gift for any iPhone owner. It’s hardly ever discounted from its usual $40, but today, it’s down to $28.

Okay, Google, show me the good deals. If Google Assistant is your smart home assistant of choice, Black Friday is the day to put it in every room of your house. The Google Home Mini is down to $25 in every color, the Google Home is just $79, and the Google Home Hub is just $99, with a $10 VUDU movie credit.

And in case you missed it earlier, you can also bundle a Google Home Mini, a Chromecast, and a $15 VUDU credit for $45.

In honor of Black Friday Thanksgiving, Amazon is discounting a huge range of Echo devices, accessories, and bundles. The Show, the Look, the Connect, the Plus — all on sale, and is it just me, or has Amazon developed a crazy high number of SKUs? I don’t know how they do it, but it’s pretty impressive. Whether you need fashion advice, a video calling gadget, or a smarter way to watch your favorite shows, there’s an Echo for that. (You can see them all here.)

Sonos’ Black Friday deals are here, and I won’t bury the lede: you can score the first real, official discount ever on the Sonos Beam. The smart sound bar offers stunning audio quality, and can be the basis of a truly wireless surround sound system if you pair it with other Sonos speakers. Gizmodo loves it, and you will too.

The Sonos One, the atomic unit of excellent wireless audio, is also on sale for $25 off. It offers the same incredibly sound you loved from the Play:1, but with a nicer design and built-in support for Alexa and Apple AirPlay 2.

Rounding out the deals are $100 discounts on the Sonos Sub (which is a subwoofer, obviously) and the Connect:Amp, which essentially powers your passive speakers, and brings them into your own personal Sonos ecosystem.

It was a quietly good year for Fitbit. While all attention has turned to the Apple Watch, they released two terrific fitness tracker/smart watches in the Charge 3 and the Versa, and you can save on both of them for Black Friday, in addition to some of the company’s older offerings.

Elevation Lab makes some of the best iPhone docks money can buy, and you’ll need a whole lot less money than usual to buy them with our exclusive Black Friday discounts. Even if you don’t need one yourself, they’d make great gifts for any iPhone owner.

The $36 (with promo code KINJADOCK4) ElevationDock 4 incorporates a pair of fine adjustment knobs to get a perfect fit, no matter what model iPhone or what case you happen to be using at the time.

The smaller CordDock won’t hold your phone quite as steady, but it lets you effortlessly take the phone off the dock while keeping the charging cord attached, which is perfect for nightstand use. Get it for $24 with promo code KINJACDOCK.

Elevation Lab’s Anchor has long been one of our favorite headphone storage solutions, and our readers have bought thousands of them. And now, the company is raising the bar with the brand new Anchor Pro, and our readers can get it for $12 for Black Friday with promo code KINJAANCHOR.

The concept is the same—it’s still a hook that hangs under your desk to hold your headphones—but every aspect has been improved. The hook is larger, to accommodate big over-ear headphones and gaming headsets, it includes a built-in Velcro cable tie to keep your cords under control, and optional screws afford you added security, if the included 3M adhesive isn’t sufficient. It’s only a few bucks more than the original, so I see no reason not to get the Pro.

That said, if you do want the original, it’s also on sale for $9 with promo code KINJAANCHOR.

Your laptop is one of the most expensive things you own, and it deserves to be treated as such. Rather than throwing it roughshod into your bag, slip it into one of PicasoLabs’ beautiful, hand-stitched leather sleeves, now back on sale just for our readers, this weekend only.

Jesus Diaz raved about these and interviewed the creator on Gizmodo a few years ago, and now you can pick your own from Amazon for 20% off with promo code KINJA020, plus $8 if you want it engraved.

There are several options available, and prices will vary depending on the size of your laptop. They’re all designed specifically for various MacBook models, but compare measurements, and you could probably find one to fit your Windows Ultrabook as well. No matter which one you choose, you’ll save 20% at checkout with that promo code.

Luminoodle’s professional bias lights aren’t the cheapest bias light strips out there, but there’s good reason for that: They’re one of the few options that can output true 6500K white. AV geeks strive for this, as 6500K won’t affect your eyes’ perception of the screen’s color accuracy.

With the press of a button on the included wireless remote, you can also choose from 15 different backlighting colors too, you can get the best price ever (by a longshot!) on the large light, which is meant for TVs 40" and below. Unfortunately, there’s no deal on the XL.

Want to use one with a computer monitor? This smaller model only does white light, but it’s just $10 with promo code 5TG5TOT7.

While AirPods offer the most seamless headphone experience for iPhone owners, BeatsX are probably a close second, and you can get a pair for $75 from Walmart for Black Friday, in both white and black only. That’s the best price we’ve ever seen by about $20, and half what they cost when they first came out.

From Gizmodo:

“The Beats X are the third product from Beats (and the fourth from all of Apple) to use the new W1 Bluetooth chipset. This Apple-designed chipset should allow for better battery life. It also makes pairing with an Apple device a total snap—as long as your iPhone runs iOS 10.1 or higher. All I had to do to pair was turn the Beats X and bring them near my phone. A ‘Connect’ button instantly popped up and I was off—music ready to be heard wirelessly.”

Jabra’s Elite 65Ts might just be the best true-wireless headphones out there. In addition to their excellent five hours of battery (plus 15 with the charging case), they feature some of the best microphones in class for calls, compatibility with all the major voice assistants, and even a two year dust and water resistance warranty, so you can work out in them without fear.

Normally $170, you can grab a pair for $120 right now, the best deal we’ve seen.

Stupid-cheap Fire Tablets are nearly as much of a Thanksgiving tradition now as turkey and football, and this year’s deals don’t disappoint. The kid-friendly Fire 7 is just $30, but you should probably spend the extra $20 to get the new Fire HD 8, which has better battery life, more storage, better speakers, and a nicer screen. Or, if you’re looking for a portable TV replacement, consider the Fire HD 10 for just $100, which is absolutely bonkers for a device with a 1920 x 1200 IPS display.

Note: At the top of the page, you’ll also find discounted kid’s editions of each tablet, which come with kid-friendly content options, a rugged case, and a two-year warranty that covers accidental damage.

You might have heard of quantum dots in the context of TVs, but Samsung uses them in a 4K computer monitor as well, and their 28" model just dropped to $330, its best price ever.

You can read all about quantum dots here, but tl;dr, they’re the backbone of a backlighting technology that can produce OLED-quality images and rich, deep blacks on less expensive LCD panels. Samsung’s QLED TVs are the most common example of them, and this monitor is basically a small version of those.

$330 is really not all that expensive for a 28" 4K monitor from a name brand manufacturer, so you’re definitely getting your money’s worth considering this model uses state of the art technology.

Permanence is overrated. For evidence, go back and read what you wrote in your LiveJournal when you were 17. How hard does it make you cringe? You never have to feel that way again with the Boogie Board 8.5" LCD Writing Tablet. It allows you to endlessly write, rewrite, erase, and forget, and it’s way better for the environment than using a paper and pen. Just think of all the lists, reminders, and deep, dark secrets that you’ll be keeping out of landfills.

Nest’s iconic thermostats don’t go on sale often, and sizable discounts on their other products are even rarer still, so Black Friday really is a great chance to join the ecosystem, or expand your collection. Save $70 on the third generation Nest Learning Thermostat, get the nearly-as-good Nest Thermostat E for $40 less, take $20 off the Protect smoke detector (both the battery and wired versions), and even save $50 on the outdoor Nest Cam, or $70 on the indoor one.

If we see any more Nest deals, we’ll be sure to add them to this post.

Plasma lighters are the lighter, evolved. They can light things on fire while fixing the three biggest problems with traditional lighters:

Fuel - This lighter doesn’t need fuel; you recharge it over USB. How cool is that?

Wind - Since it’s using tiny electrical coils to create heat rather than an open flame, it can’t be blown out.

Orientation - You can use a plasma lighter upside down without burning your fingers, which makes lighting candles a lot easier.

We covered the Sparkr Mini here, and now you can get the 2.0 version of the lighter for an all-time low $15 with promo code MS5PPBGL. That’s a few bucks more than some other electric lighters we’ve seen, but the Sparkr Mini is the best of the best, featuring two criss-crossing arcs for a more reliable spark, a built-in flashlight, much quieter operation than the cheaper models, and a fiddle-friendly flip top that’ll remind you of your old Zippo.

Most of its dodgy Amazon reviews focus on the fact that the flashlight could turn itself on in your pocket, but that’s been fixed in this 2.0 version by switching it to a three button press. This model also uses a different frequency to eliminate the high-pitched buzzing that’s commonplace with these products.

Update: Promo code KINJAGRIPS is working now, sorry about that!

Apple’s Magic Mouse has a lot of good things going for it—I’ve been using one for years now—but ergonomically, it’s a mess. And while Elevation Lab’s Magic Grips don’t exactly turn it into a palm-shaped Logitech, they do make it noticably more comfortable to use for extended periods, and you can save 25% on a set today with promo code KINJAGRIPS.

Each pack of Magic Grips includes a few pieces of molded silicone designed the fit the contours of the mouse’s sides. Just pick the width you want, peel off the 3M adhesive backing, and stick them on. The product costs about $10, installation takes under a minute, and it’ll make the mouse you use for hours per day noticeably more comfortable, possibly for years to come. That’s a pretty great value proposition.

If you’re cool with buying lightly used products, it could pay off in a big way, literally. Amazon Warehouse has just launched its Black Friday deals, featuring thousands of used items going for 20% off their regular prices. The discounts are hitting a ton of different categories, from luggage, to baby, to power tools. And don’t forget to check out the Bargain Bin for used items up to 50% off a bunch miscellaneous stuff. Chances are we could also use something from this sale.

Amazon’s Black Friday deals on Blink indoor and outdoor home security camera systems have already gone live! Kits start at $67 and $79, respectively, so if you’ve ever been curious what your pets do at home while you’re gone all day, now you can afford to find out. You’ll save more if you buy multiple cameras as well.

Other potential uses: Keeping footage of mundane conversations so you can win the next argument about whether or not you said a certain thing; a motion-detecting alarm system; bringing truth to the claim that Santa “sees you when you’re sleeping” and “knows when you’re awake.”

I’m not saying your TV is stupid, but it could certainly be a little smarter. Now’s a great time to teach your television about technological advancements of the 21st century with a $45 Google Smart TV Kit. That includes a Google Home Mini and Chromecast for less than half of what they’d normally retail for. And for extra credit, you’ll get a $15 VUDU credit to help break in your new upgrades. This deal gets an A+.

Sugru is right up there with binder clips and the Raspberry Pi in Lifehacker’s pantheon of must-have gear, and you can stock up today with eight packs from Amazon for just $15 or $16 (depending on the color), or about $4-$5 less than usual.

Samsung’s Level Ons are some of the best looking Bluetooth headphones on the market, and Samsung’s blowing them out for just $60 per pair on their website right now, less than half the price of buying them elsewhere. That’d be a great price for any name brand wireless headphones, but it’s incredible for a set with four-mic active noice cancelation.

Amazon has quietly come out with a pretty exciting lineup of Fire TV streaming gadgets over the past few months, and they all just went on sale for Black Friday.

You can get a regular Fire TV Stick for $25, but it’s almost definitely worth spending $10 more to get the new version, which supports 4K, HDR, and Dolby Atmos audio.

Moving up the line, the Fire TV Cube is essentially a Fire TV 4K with an Echo Dot built in, allowing you to control your TV with your voice, totally hands-free. It’s also on sale for $60, or half its original price.

But perhaps the most interesting device here is the new Fire TV Recast. This DVR is designed explicitly for cord cutters, and works with any OTA antenna. Rather than plugging straight into your TV, it broadcasts live or recorded shows over Wi-Fi to your Fire TV, an Amazon Echo Show, or any iOS or Android device, no matter where you are in the world. Both the two-tuner 500GB and four-tuner 1TB models are on sale for the first time ever, and you can also save by buying a bundle that includes a Fire TV Stick 4K and an antenna.

You won’t find a standalone sound bar more advanced than this model from Sony, and it’s $300 off for Black Friday. Granted, it still costs $1200 even during this all-time low sale, but it has seven channels of audio up front to bounce audio off your walls for virtual surround sound, a wireless subwoofer for bass, and even two upward-firing drivers for Dolby Atmos audio.

It was also updated recently with DTS Virtual:X, which does a remarkable job in other sound bars of simulating surround sound without actual rear speakers.

Microsoft is a hardware manufacturer now, and a damn decent one at that. Whether you’ve been pining for the laptop-replacing Surface Pro 5 or 6, the iPad-like Surface Go, or the the wonderfully old-school Surface Laptop 2, they’re all on sale for Black Friday, starting now.

Samsung’s U3-rated microSD cards are some of the fastest and most popular options out there—I have the 128GB model in my own Nintendo Switch—and all four sizes are down to all-time low prices today on Amazon.

The 32GB card is down to a laughably cheap $6, the 64GB just dropped $11, the 128GB went from $25 to $20, and the 256GB dropped from $60 all the way to $45.

If you need extra space for your action cam, smartphone, tablet, Switch, or anything else, these are extremely fast cards, and extremely good deals.

Bose quite possibly made the best truly wireless earbuds money can buy, and they just got their best discount ever for Black Friday.

The Bose SoundSport Free boast rock solid connectivity (not a given in this space), IPX4 sweat and rain resistance, and arguably better sound quality than you’d find from any competing product. You can read Gizmodo’s review here if you’d like to know more, then get them for $169 (down from around $200), while they last.

Note: You may be able to get them for $10 off at Walmart with code ELLEN10 (new accounts only).

While it doesn’t have the best picture quality out there, it’s tough to complain about a 65" 4K TV for $530, a 55" for $330, or a 49" model for $240. Both include HDR, though with a distinct lack of specs on the page, I’m going to assume that’s not Dolby Vision. And while they doesn’t have apps onboard—pretty typical at this price level—they do have Chromecast built in, so you can stream video easily from your phone, which is very rare at these price points.

h/t Ben Dussault

GoPro has been taking a beating on Wall Street, but its cameras are still best-in-class. We haven’t seen any Black Friday deals on the high-end HERO7 Black just yet, but the HERO7 Silver and HERO7 White are already on sale for $70 and $20 off, respectively.

The Silver can capture 4K footage at 30 FPS (the Black bumps that up to 60), while the White maxes out at 1440p footage at 60 FPS. For more on the differences between the models to help you decide, check out Gizmodo’s coverage.

The best all-around SSD for most people is down to $73 for 500GB, $128 for 1TB, or $295 for 2TB, all of which are the best prices ever. It’d obviously be a great upgrade over a spinning hard drive for your computer, but you could also stick it in a cheap enclosure to create your own, super-fast external drive.

There will be no shortage of sexy surround sound and Dolby Atmos sound bar deals this Black Friday, but if you’re happy with a really good 2.1 system, or need a sound system for, say, a bedroom TV, this 36" Vizio for $98 is the way to go. That’s $50 less than usual, and it includes a wireless subwoofer.

LG’s OLED TVs have achieved something of a cult status thanks to their ridiculously dark black levels and vibrant colors. If you were waiting for Black Friday to snag yours, the discounted price on the 55" C8 model is already live.

The picture quality got an upgrade over last year’s model thanks to a new processor that improves color accuracy, reduces artifacts, and supports HFR (high frame rate video) up to 120 FPS. HFR content doesn’t really exist yet, but a few movies are expected to come to streaming services starting later this year, so if you’re planning on using the TV for several years, it might be worth it for future-proofing purposes.

We’ve seen cheaper deals on the lower-end B8 model, but that one uses last year’s processor, meaning it can do HFR or HDR, but not both at the same time like the C8.

Our phones are our most used accessory, so why do we allow them to go about town in tacky plastic-y cases? Dress your iPhone up in real Italian leather with a glossy leather case from Vincoe, now 30% off with promo code KINJADEALS. Available in brown or black, the case is super slim and offers protection against slight drops and scratches (keep in mind, however, it doesn’t cover your screen). It’ll fit the iPhone X, XS, and XS Max, which probably have never looked sleeker than when they’re swathed in leather.

If you’ve had your eye on Samsung’s 8000-series TVs, which are the company’s best non-QLED sets this year, their Black Friday discounts are already live. Every size (55", 65", 75", and 82") includes Samsung’s new Dynamic Crystal Color engine and HDR10/ HDR10+ support, plus some nice quality of life features, like the Bixby voice assistant, and a quad core processor for speedy smart app operation.

These prices are the same that we’ve seen in Black Friday ads, and we have no reason to expect them to go any lower. So buy now, and you’ll be set up in time for Thanksgiving football.

VPNs have been in the news, and whether you want to get around video geoblocks, circumvent proxy filters, or just keep prying eyes out of your browsing data while using sketchy public Wi-Fi, reader-favorite Private Internet Access has a deal to fit your needs.

Private Internet Access doesn’t do much in the way of discounting, but they offer exclusive pricing and packages just for our readers that you won’t find anywhere else. Here are your options, and what you’d pay if you bought the same plan elsewhere:

These deals are only for our readers, but we aren’t sure how long they’ll be available, so go ahead and sign up while you can.


My parents bought a Traeger grill a couple years ago, and holy crap it’s cool. You pour wood pellets (there a ton of different kinds) into the container on the left side of the grill, select the temperature you want, and the grill feeds the pellets into a heating element at whatever speed is necessary to maintain that exact temperature. The result is smokey deliciousness with the ease of using an oven.

The Renegade Pro model gives you 380 square inches of cooking space, and $490 is a whopping $210 less than usual. Just remember to invite me over the first time you use it to smoke a brisket.

August’s third genration Smart Lock lets you lock and unlock your door from using your phone, and you can get the silver or black model for just $99 today, an all-time low.

Assuming you have your phone with you whenever you leave the house, an August Smart Lock-installed door will auto lock behind you and unlock as you approach. It’s especially useful because you don’t have to necessarily be home to grant or restrict access to people like dog walkers, maintenance workers, or other people who need to come into your house; just send them a guest key with the August app. And since it integrates with your existing deadbolt, you can continue using a physical key as well, if your phone ever dies.

Unlike previous August locks, this one doesn’t have Wi-Fi built in—it uses Bluetooth to talk to your phone—but you can add a Wi-Fi hub to your router to access it over the internet from anywhere.

Haul out the holly and get holly jolly: Your Christmas decorations have been waiting all year for their time to shine, and that time is now. Decor need a refresh? That’s okay too, because this weekend only, Target is taking $25 off when you spend $75 or more on Christmas decorations. It works on lights, trees, ornaments, stockings, wreaths, and all the other trimmings you require for a most festive dwelling, so don’t be a Grinch. Seize this opportunity to make the next month merry and bright.

When you invest a lot of cash in expensive gear, it’s in your best interest to take care of it. For example: Package it correctly when you need to move it somewhere. A Pelican case is a great way to do that, and Amazon is offering major savings on a bunch of those, today only. They’re excellent for protecting photography setups, laptops and other sensitive electronics, tools, and really any other hobby accoutrements that you’d rather not sink coin into replacing. This is truly a case where spending a little money now could save you a lot down the road.

Naps are good all year round, but they’re especially enjoyable in winter. Something about the coziness of a fireplace, the general hygge vibe, and big fluffy blankets is just sublime. Make sure you’ve got everything you need for optimum cold-weather napping with today’s bedding deals at Amazon, where blankets start at $35 and pillows at $28. You’ll be lounging in supreme comfort in no time — just try to resist the temptation to stay in bed all day every day.

Thanksgiving has come and gone. You no longer have an excuse to put off decorating for Christmas, but you can at least make the process safer and easier with this Gorilla Aluminum Slim-Fold Work Platform. It’ll give you a 20" boost and a stable place to stand when you need it, then fold up into nearly nothing for storage when you’re done. $25 is a great price for it, and it’s even better when you realize that this thing might just help you avoid the kind of full-blown, four-alarm holiday emergency that ends up at the hospital.

Anker’s Eufy RoboVac line has been a hit with our readers, to say the least, and now you can score the lowest price ever on the powerful RoboVac 30.

The RoboVac 30 is the same size as the new RoboVac 11s (which is to say, it’s very thin), but has stronger suction (1500Pa vs. 1300, and for comparison, the old RoboVac 10 only had 400), and includes guide strips that you can lay down anywhere in your home (like in front of cords on the ground) to warn the vacuum to steer clear.

The $200 list price is already $70 less than usual, and would be an all-time low on its own, but promo code KINJA217 will save you an extra $10 at checkout.

Butcher Box ships grass fed beef, heritage grade pork, and free range chicken right to your door for less than $6 per serving, and if you sign up during today’s Black Friday promotion, you’ll also six bonus steaks in your first box for free. That’s two ribeyes, two NY strips, and two filet mignons, on top of whatever you were going to get in your box anyway.

I’ve had their ribeyes (cooked sous-vide, naturally), and they’re fantastic and well-portioned at about 10 oz. each. While this promotion doesn’t include ongoing bonuses for the life of your membership like some other deals Butcher Box has rn, it’s a way bigger first box bonus than anything else we’ve seen.

Note: You’ll have to enter your email at the beginning of the process. I know, it’s annoying.

Decorating your home is a never-ending process. It might take years to find the exact perfect seating for your dining area. But you still need somewhere to sit in the interim, and this $50 Mainstays Adjustable-Height Swivel Barstool 3-Pack is a great placeholder. They’re crazy cheap and perfectly adequate in appearance, your Mr. Right Now while you continue to search for Mr. Right. (Unless, of course, you decide that these are the ideal stools for your counter after all. People fall in love without meaning to every day.)

Nest’s iconic thermostats don’t go on sale often, and sizable discounts on their other products are even rarer still, so Black Friday really is a great chance to join the ecosystem, or expand your collection. Save $70 on the third generation Nest Learning Thermostat, get the nearly-as-good Nest Thermostat E for $40 less, take $20 off the Protect smoke detector (both the battery and wired versions), and even save $50 on the outdoor Nest Cam, or $70 on the indoor one.

If we see any more Nest deals, we’ll be sure to add them to this post.

Update: Only the Instant Pot Ultra for $85 remains available, but that’s an incredibly good deal.

If you still don’t have an Instant Pot in your kitchen (or want a second; it’s not that crazy!), a rotating cast have been going on sale for Black Friday. I’d recommend the Ultra model for $85 if you can get it; it looks nicer, has a better UI, and automatically closes the pressure valve so you don’t forget. The Lux model for $50 will do most of the same stuff though.

Instant Pot’s official 6 qt. nonstick inner pot is also on sale for $15, down from the usual $15. You don’t need it, but it’s a nice extra.

In addition to pressure cooking (which is a miracle), this is also our readers’ favorite slow cooker, and one of their favorite rice cookers too. To put it simply, it’s one of the most versatile kitchen gadgets you can own.

Anova’s older sous-vide cookers go on sale with some regularity, but Black Friday is one of your first chances to save on the newer, significantly smaller Nano circulator.

At 750W, it’s nearly as powerful as the old models, and still includes Bluetooth (but sadly not Wi-Fi), but it’ll take up a lot less space in your kitchen cabinets. In fact, this one can fit inside most drawers. Get it for an all-time low $64 on Amazon right now, down from the usual $99.

The larger, Wi-Fi enabled model is also on sale for an all-time low $99. The Wi-Fi is useful for heating up your water bath on your way home from work, and at 900W, it should heat up your water slightly faster. It will take up more space in your cabinets though.

If only the best will do, the gorgeous Joule circulator has a rare deal down to $143. Honestly, I wouldn’t recommend it at $80 more than the Anova Nano, but if you’ve got the cash and a strong preference (here’s a great breakdown of the differences), it doesn’t go on sale often.

Lifehacker has a great explainer on sous vide cooking for you to check out, but the basic idea is that you seal the food in a bags, and then cook it in precisely heated water over a longer period of time. It sounds weird, kind of like food hot tub, but the result is food that’s cooked to the exact right temperature all the way through.

If you’re overdue for some new tires, Walmart’s Black Friday deals include some solid, <ahem>, rollbacks.

The deal most of you will be interested in is the Goodyear collection, which is basically a flat $20 off each individual tire. There aren’t really any performance tires in there, but there are lots of solid all-season tires, and pretty much everyone has a Walmart nearby for installation.

If you want higher performance tires, you’ll want to check out the Cooper and Pirelli sections, which offer up to $60 off a set of four (the Coopers are sold in pairs for $30 off, the Pirellis are sold four at a time for $60 off). While those deals lag behind the Goodyears in raw dollar figures, they’re still a solid deal on higher-end tires, with no annoying rebates necessary.

The Day of the Turkey has come and gone, but even though you’re poultry’d out now, there are still some big food-centric holidays on the horizon. That’s why you should capitalize on ThermoWorks’ Black Friday discounts. Their ever reliable ThermaPen Classic is down to $63, while the ThermaPen Mk4 is going for $74. While you’re at it, add a $51 ChefAlarm and a $34 DOT thermometer to your culinary utility belt. Christmastime You and your Christmastime roast will be glad you did.

Miir, the beloved makers of some of our favorite camp cups and growlers, are having a 40% off sale during Black Friday and Cyber Monday. And we’re topping it off with an extra 15% discount with our exclusive code, 15MiiRExtra. So keep your beer cold for 24 hours or that mulled wine hot for 12, without any nonsense, because life’s too short.

You know the drill, Pop Chart Lab (actually, now simply Pop Chart) adds beautiful information to your walls, whether it’s a map of all the breweries of the US, a field guide for the birds of North America, a taxonomy of rap names, a chart of whiskey varieties, or an immensely useful guide of 50 common issues in English language usage. Whatever you nerd out on, you’ll find your wall companion here. Use code BF25 to get that 25% off. Valid thru 11.26.18.

Here’s a deal to get your tail wagging: If you have a pet and you sometimes need to buy things for said pet, there’s a pretty good chance it’s on sale now thanks to Chewy’s Black Friday discounts. Fetch up to 50% off a range of pet essentials, from food to treats to toys, plus a good amount of items are buy one, get one — just note the deal on each listing in green, and use the sidebar to filter for your pet’s preferences. But hurry, this sale won’t sit...staaaaay around for long.

Dog parenting is a full-time job, and now, you can stay informed on what your fur babies are up to when you’re not around with this $135 Furbo Dog Camera. Not only will this gadget allow you to use your smartphone to look in on your canine kids when you’re not home via full HD camera with night vision, but it will also let you interact with them. Toss your good doggo a treat if you feel like he needs a snack, or scold him thanks to two-way audio when you catch him gnawing on your shoes again. You can even get push notifications when your dog barks. After all, they grow up so fast.

This is it. This is the year you finally get your wrapping paper in order and under control. You can find all the supplies you need at The Container Store, and through Sunday, you’ll get 25% off one item. (The discount will apply automatically to a qualifying purchase when you’re signed in to your free POP! account.) If you were waiting for a Christmas miracle, hoping someone else would handle the organization for you, it’s time to face the facts: You’re almost definitely going to have to do it yourself. But at least this way you can save a little scrilla in the process.

An alarm system is one of those things that you never want to need, but if you’re going to get one, consider this Ring Alarm Home Security System, now down to $159 — its lowest price ever — on Amazon. The five-piece kit includes a base station, contact sensor, motion detector, keypad, and range detector, all of which can be managed with the Ring app. And if you’d like to have someone else looking our for you and your household, you can opt in to contract-free 24/7 professional home monitoring for $10 per month. The peace of mind it will provide, though, is priceless.

Here’s a deal you can get comfortable with: sofa-in-a-box purveyors at Burrow at offering up to $500 in savings on their easy-to-assemble seats, pillows, and throws with promo code HOLIDAY18 — the more you spend, the more you save (as these things usually go). All orders up to $999 get 10% off, and you can take $150 off orders $1000+, $250 off orders $1250+, $350 off orders $1500+, $500 off orders $2000+. If you need to sit down for a minute and take that in, we get it. Just don’t take too long; this offer is only valid through December 2.

You know how it goes. You’re watching a favorite show or reading comfortably in bed when you’re struck by thirst, and you have to make a decision. Do you lug yourself all the way into the kitchen to get a drink, or do you continue to progress slowly toward dehydration, because that’s just too far to walk? Say goodbye to that dilemma forever with the Frigidaire Portable Retro 6-Can Mini Fridge. It’ll allow you to keep a frosty stash of your favorite beverages in your bedroom, by the couch, at your desk, or even in the car. Best of all, it’s available today for $20 instead of the regular $40; convenience doesn’t normally come this cheap!

Comforters are nice and cuddly and, well, comforting at first, but you’d be hard pressed to find one that doesn’t turn a bed into a sauna by morning for those of us who run hot. Enter: the Buffy. These comforters are made from super soft eucalyptus fibers and filled with BPA-free recycled plastic water bottles — plus, they’re anti-microbial, cruelty-free, water-conservational, and machine-washable. But, most importantly, they’re breathable as hell (trust us, we tried it), and today, sizes across the bed spectrum are 20% off with promo code SOFLUFFY. This deal won’t last through the night, though, so get yours today and stop sweating the sleep stuff.

It might look like something Rey would wear while scouring for spare parts on Jakku, but this neck wrap is actually a travel pillow, and a great one at that.

The Trtl pillow uses a hidden ribs to support your neck as you doze off in your tiny coach airline seat. Just wrap Trtl around your neck, placing the ribs on whichever side you want to lay your head (including directly under your chin) pop on some noise-cancelling headphones, and try your darnedest to get some shut-eye.

In case it wasn’t obvious, the big advantage of this design is size; Trtl weighs less than 1/3 of a pound, can attach to your luggage, and is far less bulky than a memory foam pillow. Our readers can get the pillow for an all-time low $21 today with promo code 30KINJABF, an exclusive deal for Black Friday.

Gravel’s Expeditioner Bags are some of our favorites, and you can get them for 35% off for Black Friday and Cyber Monday right now with promo code KINJA35. Available in two sizes, the bags are made from a premium waterproof material, and include a bunch of thoughtfully designed pockets inside and out, including one that’s perfect for a stick of deodorant, one that can fit your toothbrush (or your Philips OneBlade with the blade removed), and even a leak-proof pocket for liquids that will contain any mess if they explode en route.

On the outside of the cases, another zippered pocket hides a buckle strap which you can use to hang the bag from a towel rack (handy in small hotels with insufficient counter space), plus another large pouch that’s big enough for a passport. Filling this bag with duplicates of all of my bathroom things (I even bought a second OneBlade) has been the best thing to happen to my travel routine since the Chase Sapphire Reserve. I just grab it out of my bathroom closet, throw it in my suitcase, and hit the road, knowing it has everything I need.

To absolutely exude style even when you’re cooking in the kitchen, look no further than this adorable mint green Pioneer Woman Clara 17-Piece Classic Belly Aluminum Cookware Set for $59. That’s half of the regular $120 price and a pretty solid deal for this many kitchen goodies, especially when they’re a fun color. Along with the enameled pans, it includes a cast iron skillet, a ceramic baker, and bowls and utensils for prep. No longer will your meals have to wait until they’re plated to be Insta-worthy; these pastel pieces are perfectly-on trend for the millennial who digs a retro vibe.

FoodSavers can pay for themselves by keeping your frozen and refrigerated food fresher for longer, and that’s not even accounting for how great they are for sous vide.

This 5800-series model is one of the best your can buy. It automates every part of the process, from the bag feeding, to the sealing, to the cutting, and includes a handheld vacuuming hose that you can use with compatible FoodSaver accessories as well. You can buy it from FoodSaver’s site for just $120 right now, which is about half what Amazon is currently charging, and easily an all-time low.

If you sent all your Thanksgiving guests home with a Tupperware filled with leftovers, 1) you are stronger than most 2) you’re probably running low on food storage containers. Even if you have plastic containers galore, consider making room in your cabinets for this 28-piece Pyrex set, now down to a measly $20 at Walmart. It’s sure to keep all your food — festive or not — fresh for longer, and we guarantee you won’t be giving it away any time soon.

Firstleaf is an online wine club that learns your preferences, offers tons of options, and most importantly, saves you money compared to buying from the store. It’s a solid deal any time, but it’s even better for our readers from now through Cyber Monday.

Every new Firstleaf member gets an introductory delivery with three bottles of wine for just $15, plus $5 shipping. Every box thereafter includes six bottles for $80, plus $10 shipping. If you use this link and promo code Kinja when you sign up though, you’ll get free shipping on every box for your entire first year. That’ll save you over $100 if you get a new box every month.

It may be Tuesday for you and me, but at Timbuk2, it’s already Black Friday. Backpacks, totes, messengers, and luggage are marked up to 50% off, including one of your favorite rolling carry-on bags, the Copilot. You’ll be wishing you had taken advantage of this sale a month from now, when the whirlwind of Christmas travel has taken its toll on your old bags and you have no replacements.

The Shark Navigator Lift-Away is your favorite upright affordable vacuum, and Amazon’s marked it down to $98 today, well below its usual $140-$150, and the first time we’ve ever seen it under $100. This deal probably won’t last long though, so lock in your order before they’re all sucked up.

The change in seasons is usually a good time to change your wiper blades, and these Michelin Cyclones even include a cover over the beam that helps them brush away large quantities of snow without getting clogged. They’re about 20% off across the board on Amazon right now, and you can use the part picker at the top of the page to find the right sizes for your car.

Don’t you dare check any luggage if you’re boarding a flight for Thanksgiving or Christmas or New Years. If you want to take the holiday travel season by storm, consider going all in on this TravelPro Platinum Elite 21" Expandable Carry-On, now marked down to $217.

It’s currently available on Amazon in four colors: a bold bordeaux, rich espresso, a soft gray, and classic black. And with magnetic spinner wheels, a ton of built-in accessory pockets, and a USB port and holder for your powerbank, this high-quality carry-on is really on a roll. Full disclosure: TravelPro once sent me this carry-on in red, and it’s the best, most stylish, most practical suitcase I’ve used, like, ever.

Thanksgiving is all about the big feast on Thursday, but that doesn’t mean you won’t need to feed your family and yourself before and after. Luckily, if you spend $60 on Prime Pantry items now, you’ll automatically receive a $10 discount and free shipping at checkout. So, stock up on snacks, not to mention loads of household and personal care products, ASAP. You’ll be grateful you did when hungry guests converge on your home, but dinner isn’t quite ready.

Even (or perhaps, especially) in the age of laptops and tablets, many people prefer the tactile experience of jotting down notes with an actual pen and paper, and the most tactile experience of all comes from the Ghost Paper Notebook.

Rather than simply printing lines on the sheet to keep your letters straight, Ghost Paper’s lines are very slightly embossed, giving your pen an actual base from which to start each character. We tried one of these out and loved it, and you can get your own notebook for an all-time low $19 for Black Friday with promo code KINJABF18.

Ghost Paper also comes in stationery form now, and you can get a set for just $10. That’s half the usual price, and the discount is due to a defect on the cartons that hold the paper and envelopes, though those are in perfect condition, which is all that really matters. Just add it to your cart, and you’ll see the discount at checkout.

Campaign’s sleek, adaptable chairs, loveseats, and sofas hardly ever go on sale, but this is Black Friday, and miracles do happen. Use promo code BLACKOUT at checkout to save $100 on all seating, including the company’s brand new sectionals.

If you aren’t familiar, Campaign’s main selling point (besides its relatively affordable price tag) is the ability to buy a new fabric cover at any time to install over the steel frame and memory foam cushions you already bought. So if you ever redecorate, or your cat just did too much damage to your original cover, you can always get a fresh look for a lot less than the cost of buying a brand new couch.

Even at full price, Aerobie’s AeroPress coffee maker is easily the cheapest and easiest way to make terrific coffee, and you can grab a very rare discount on yours today.

Amazon’s is selling the Aeropressfor $24 today, down from the usual $30 (which is an absolute steal, for the record). Unlike most products on Amazon, that price basically never moves, so if you’ve had your eye on this thing, I wouldn’t recommend waiting.

This is one of the easiest ways to make great coffee while traveling, and also a surprisingly great machine for making iced coffee as well, so you can really use it 365 days per year.

While you’re at it, we highly recommend picking up a reusable stainless steel filter to go with your new toy. It’s only $9, and it’ll pay for itself over time.

Fellow’s drinkware, coffee makers, and electric kettles look like they belong in a museum of modern art, and they’re every bit as functional as they are pretty.

The EKG+ kettle has built-in Bluetooth, so you can start heating up water for your morning coffee before you even get out of bed. The double-walled ceramic and copper coffee cups are designed for maximum heat retention. And the pour-over sets? They make great coffee.

Fellow gear hardly ever goes on sale, but the whole lineup is 20% off on Huckberry right now for Black Friday, so lock in your order before the deal gets cold.

If you read that UN climate report and felt like doing something, well, replacing Ziploc bags with washable silicone bags probably won’t save our future, sorry. But it certainly doesn’t hurt! And they can actually pay for themselves over time, since you won’t have to keep buying disposable bags at the store.

This company sent me a set of of these bags to test out, and they work great. I’ve washed them in the dishwasher without issue, and even used them as sous-vide bags to cook some steaks. I even fully submerged them to make sure the tops wouldn’t let any water in, and indeed they didn’t.

Are you still opening room-temperature wine with one of those old twisty corkscrews? How pedestrian. Sip wine like the sophisticate you are with this Oster electric wine opener and chiller, now just $24 for both.

The set looks sleek enough to be highly regarded by sommeliers and casual winos alike. Plus, it’s completely wireless, so you can charge up before the festivities and then display your chilly bottles anywhere in your home when guests arrive to wine and dine. These are likely to be in high demand for upcoming holiday parties, so act quickly to get yours; don’t come whining to us if you miss out.

Potatoes in their many forms are a Thanksgiving staple, but do you really want to spend the entire holiday bent over the trash can, peeling away, whilst only narrowly missing your own fingers? No-tato.

Starfrit’s Rotato electric peeler, now marked down to $20, is here to make things easier. This contraption neatly does all the peeling for you in one long loopy strip. And hey, it’s not just for potatoes either — say so long to peeling any fruits and vegetables year round, too.

Herman Miller furniture is legendary, and also legendarily out of reach for most of us. But if you have one chair, table, or bed that you’ve just been dying to get your hands on, Design Within Reach is taking a rare 15% off over 200 Herman Miller items right now, so you won’t find a better chance to splurge.

Update: Don’t see what you’re looking for? Herman Miller is also offering 15% off directly.

The world-famous Aeron office chair is one of our readers’ favorites, and the Embody is another great option for your home office. If you’re looking for something a little less heavy, the Setu is an awesome task chair, and the Eames is of course, timeless.

Meanwhile, I’m sitting here drooling over the Noguchi coffee table, so find me on Venmo if you want to donate to the cause. Herman Miller only does one or two 15% discounts on their own site per year, so this is as good a deal as you’re ever likely to see.

Gerber’s 4.4 star-rated paraframe knife features a minimalist handle that keeps weight to a minimum, and a deal that keeps is price to a minimum. You’ll want one for yourself to open up all of your Black Friday purchases, but you should probably buy some extras as stocking stuffers.

I suppose it was only a matter of time, but Amazon makes mattresses now. This model is sold under its Rivet furniture brand, and includes the same 100 night trial, three-layer foam construction, and slick marketing photos you’ve come to expect from all those other online mattress places.

If you’re in the market for a better night’s sleep, the Full, Queen, and King sizes are on sale for $90, $100, and $125 off their usual prices, respectively, with Prime shipping available.

There are two ways to share your favorite photos with your friends. You can show them on your phone and pray that they don’t start swiping through your gallery, or you can party like it’s 1999 and actually display a physical copy of the photo somewhere in your home. The latter is much safer and more impressive, and it’s not as much of a hassle as you remember thanks to Amazon, where all purchases are as painless as possible. Custom canvas prints there start at just $24, so you can finally hang some art on your walls like a functioning adult. Next on the list: Cooking a meal with pots and pans instead of in the microwave.

If there’s a day that will make you take a long, hard look at your current appliance situation, it’s Thanksgiving. Is your oven capacity adequate for everything you need to cook? Do you have enough fridge space for all the leftovers? Can your dishwasher handle the massive flood of plates and utensils coming its way?

The more questions you answered “no” to, the more you’ll save during Home Depot’s appliance sale, where buying two appliances will net you $60 off, but a purchase of six or more will save a whopping $500. That means you can upgrade your entire suite at once! (If you need help finding a sixth appliance to add, wine coolers totally qualify.)

Note that some exclusions apply, but many items are already legit deals at Special Buy prices.


REI skips Black Friday every year in favor of enjoying the great outdoors, which is fair. But that doesn’t mean they’ll leave you in the lurch when it comes to savings. The outdoor retailer is getting a jump on Cyber Monday by taking up to 40% off a huge range of their stock — prices on everything from tents and outwear, to car racks and water bottles are getting slashed. Most of these deals will last through December 2, but a few will be hitting the road on Monday, so it’s probably a good idea to grab what you want now.

This wide-ranging, one-day menswear sale on Amazon is full of gift ideas for the most important guy in your life, even if that person is yourself.

Rather than the typical collection of Amazon’s private label brands, this sale features clothes from Jockey and U.S. Polo Assn., watches from MVMT, wallets from Clifton Heritage and Moral Code, and a variety of shoes under $25. My favorite deals though are the William Painter sunglasses, including their famous bottle opener glasses, and the always-in-style Empires. Seriously, I don’t remember ever being this impressed with a “stuff for guys” sale on Amazon before.

I’m not sure if this set of stacking discounts is late for Black Friday or early for Cyber Monday, but that’s not what matters anyway. What matters is that coupon code CYBER2018 takes 30% off everything at adidas, even items that are already marked up to 50% off for the Black Friday sale. After all is said and done, slides and sandals start at just $7, and you can snag sneakers for under $30. It’s unlikely these deals will last long, so shop now to get the styles your after.

Whether you’re a serious hiker, play a lot of sports, or just want to stay properly hydrated at your desk job, today’s CamelBak sale on Amazon has your name on it.

In addition to several of the namesake CamelBak hydration backpacks, you’ll also find a bunch standalone water bottles, as well as accessories to go along with your existing packs. So whether this is your first CamelBak purchase, or if you’re a diehard, there’s gear on sale for you here. Just note that like all Gold Box deals, these prices are only available today, or until sold out.

Chances are good that you’re still feeling some ill effects from your Thanksgiving feast. But you can be proactive about reclaiming your health, thanks to the impeccable timing of Amazon’s GNC Supplement Gold Box. There are formulations to give you energy, improve joint health, support liver function, and boost your workout gainz, so you’re covered no matter what your goals are. New Year’s is sooner than you think, and future you will appreciate the head start you gave yourself on achieving your resolutions.

The Philips OneBlade is the electric shaver of choice for pretty much every man on our staff (and tens of thousands of our readers as well), and both the original and the upgraded Pro model are on sale right now for Black Friday.

The OneBlades are notable for their simplicity, versatility, and performance. They work as razors or beard trimmers, you can use them with or without shaving cream, they’re waterproof enough to go into the shower, and they cut through stubble like a hot knife through butter.

The original model is great, and its current $21 deal is the best price we’ve seen since Black Friday last year, when it was our top-selling product. The $40 Pro has more stubble length settings (14 options in a single adjustable comb, rather than three fixed combs), and a battery that lasts longer and charges faster, and today’s price is easily an all-time low, and 50% off what you’d usually pay.

Nordstrom knows how to put on a good sale. The department store has started their Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale a few days early, featuring a huge sale section filled with designer items for men, women, kids, and the home. It’s all up to 60%, so get a head start on scoring a few crowd-pleasing gifts for the folks on your list, and don’t forget to treat yourself to some new winter-y fashions, too.

Vacuum-insulated bottles can keep drinks hot or cold all day long, and Hydro Flask makes some of the most popular options out there. Their wares don’t go on sale often, but from now through Cyber Monday, the entire site is 25% off, with the discount taken automatically at checkout. Every cooler, every bottle, and every coffee mug in every color imaginable is on sale, so drink up.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, folks. Of course, I’m talking about Glossier’s annual Black Friday sale. Everything from the cult favorite beauty brand is 20% off right now, so you might as well stock up on all your must haves — including the inimitable Bow Brow, miraculous Solution, newly reformulated Generation G, silky Milky Jelly Cleanser, and Balm Dotcom, just to name a few — for both gifting and personal purposes. Now, get your head out of the fluffy pink clouds and start shopping; the sale lasts through Monday, but the products you’re after could very well could sell out.

Zip over to Zappos ASAP if you’re in the market for a new pair of shoes or some deeply discounted apparel. The shoe and clothing purveyors at the site pretty much never put on any big sales, but it seems they’re going all in on Black Friday this year. Zappos is currently offering thousands of deals on items across the board, so it’s probably a good idea to fill your cart sooner rather than later.

Sunglass Warehouse has some of the best pricing out there, but they’ve amped it up with 45% off sitewide (including sale styles). Use our exclusive promo code KINJA45, and you can grab plenty of pairs for under $10, so you really have no excuse not to get more than one. Everyone else only gets 40% off, but they’ll just have to...<sunglasses fall onto my face from the sky> deal with it.

Are you some kind of Chris McCandless nature junkie who might spend days at a time in the wilderness? Then you’d probably do well to pick up a Coleman 70-Quart Xtreme Chest Cooler today while it’s $25. Designed to maintain ice for five days, it’ll allow you to go off the grid but still enjoy chilled drinks and unspoiled food. Because deep down, you’re probably not some savage who’s going to live by scavenging the land for edible plants. And even if you are, I bet you’d still prefer your beverages cold.

David Archy and its sister brand Separatec makes underwear out of the same premium materials (think soft bamboo fiber and lightweight micro modal) as the trendy name brands, but sells them on Amazon for a fraction of the price. Our readers are longtime fans, and this Black Friday, you can save an extra 30% at checkout with promo code BIGOFF30.

That code should work on any David Archy products (including things like robes and thermal leggings) on this page, in addition to anatomy-dividing Separatec underwear on this page.

Jay what? For Black Friday, J.Crew is taking 50% off all purchases with promo code TGIF. So that means you should definitely buy double the sweaters, coast, shoes, and winter accessories, right? At the very least, you’ll be able to find suitable holiday gifts for your whole crew, including you.

Clear The Rack only just ended, but it’s back for a Black Friday encore, and it’s better than ever. Rather than the usual 25% off at checkout, this time around, you’ll save an additional 30% on all of these already-discounted clearance styles.

As usual, the sale is full (and I mean ~12,000 items FULL) of really incredible deals for men and women, with tons of stuff available under $10.

It was a quietly good year for Fitbit. While all attention has turned to the Apple Watch, they released two terrific fitness tracker/smart watches in the Charge 3 and the Versa, and you can save on both of them for Black Friday, in addition to some of the company’s older offerings.

Standing desks have been a thing for a while now, but did you know that there are also accessories to help you stand more correctly at your desk? Well, there are, and the Gaiam Evolve Balance Board for Standing Desks is one of them. Among its stated benefits are keeping your body and mind engaged when work starts to get dull, promoting good posture, and eliminating soreness and fatigue. Sounds good, right? Then you’ll want to pay a visit to Walmart or Amazon, where it’s on sale for $52 — a pretty solid price for something that makes you look a little like Marty McFly while you’re working.

Amazon gift cards are as good as cash. Maybe better, because you can’t use cash to buy things on Amazon. Either way, you shouldn’t have to think twice about this offer: Buy an Amazon gift card worth $100 or more and you’ll get a free pair of men’s Happy Socks. These are nice, giftable socks, so that’s one more stocking stuffer you don’t have to go out and buy. And you know you’ll spend the Amazon gift card — possibly even before the day is through.

I know it’s obvious, but it needs to be said: Greats are great casual sneakers, and now, you can get a pair for a great deal. The relatively new, Brooklyn-based brand is taking 25% off their whole site with promo code HOLIDAZE, which is really good considering these sneaks aren’t cheap. They are, however, worth their price. Their classic-looking, leather-swathed Royale is made in Italy; we previously dubbed the style one of our favorite white sneakers. And, speaking from experience, they look great in not-white, too.

Peak Design makes our readers’ favorite camera bag, some terrific camera straps, and more recently, one of the most well built and flexible travel backpacks we’ve ever tried. The problem? Their stuff is never on sale.

So while their Black Friday deals don’t exactly jump off the page—15% off camera accessories, 10% off some bags, and some others—they’re the best deals you’re ever likely to see on this stuff outside of Kickstarter campaigns.

Luminoodle 5' Rope Light With 4400mAh Battery | $25 | Amazon | Promo code 2LZCFK5F

Luminoodle reinvented what string lights can be, and you can string some up for the best price ever this Black Friday.

You can hang this 5' light from tree branches or tent poles with the built-in straps, attach them to your car with the built-in magnets, or even just ball them up and throw them in the included translucent bag to use as a lantern. The included 4400mAh battery will run it for about six hours, but it’ll run just fine off any other USB charger or battery pack if you need more light.

Just be sure to use promo code 2LZCFK5F to get it for $25, the best price ever.

Ready for the best discount you’ve ever seen at Nasty Gal? Here it is: 60% off everything sitewide, with prices as marked. Today only, you can get a new dress for $10 or shoes for $12, and tons of accessories are even cheaper than that. If a New Year’s Eve party is part of your future plans, this is your chance to put together a glamtastic ensemble more glitzy than the Times Square Ball without making your wallet cry.

BioLite, the company behind the wood burning camp stove that recharges your phone with fire, just kicked off its Black Friday deals, with something for every tech-loving outdoor enthusiast (no, they’re not mutually exclusive interests!).

The CampStove 2 is there, as is the SolarHome 620, which adds some lights and USB chargers to any off-grid shed or cabin. But the most exciting deal is the first ever discount on the FirePit. This Kickstarter sensation uses thermoelectric fans to promote big, beautiful flames, that you’ll be able to fully enjoy thanks to the transparent mesh sidewalls. It also doubles a hibachi grill, so safe to say the next neighborhood barbecue is going to be in your backyard.

Self care is a gift that anyone can appreciate, so here’s a sale to get excited about whether you’re shopping for others or yourself. Ending tomorrow, philosophy is taking 40% off sitewide; code blackfriday40 discounts all your favorite body washes, fragrances, and skin care items. Go ahead and get holiday-ready with products in candy cane, hot cocoa, and Christmas cookie flavors, or amp up your anti-aging routine with customer-favorite peels and serums. And don’t feel guilty if you haven’t made skin care a priority before now — it’s the perfect time to start.

You don’t need a New Years resolution to motivate yourself to get in shape; this Echelon EX1 Bike is motivation enough, and for Black Friday, you can take an additional 25% off one of your own with promo code BF25, bringing the total down to as low as $790. The bike itself is certainly gym worthy, but when you connect to the Echelon Fit app, you can partake in live and/or recorded classes, or cycle through scenic views without ever leaving the house.

If you haven’t heard by now, you should be washing your face with more than just a washcloth or (gasp!) your hands. The bad news: A good face scrubber is never cheap. The good news: Today, you can snag this very good one from FOREO for a steep discount.

The LUNA 2 normally goes for $199, but Sephora has just marked down the whole line to a manageable $139 — that includes models specifically for normal skin, combination skin, sensitive skin, oily skin, and one designed specifically for men. We’ve tried this device and saw instant results when it came to skin hydration and texture.

And heads up, the LUNA mini 2 is also on sale for $104 in a range of bright hues. Dive into these deals before they go down the drain.

Gravel’s Expeditioner Bags are some of our favorites, and you can get them for 35% off for Black Friday and Cyber Monday right now with promo code KINJA35. Available in two sizes, the bags are made from a premium waterproof material, and include a bunch of thoughtfully designed pockets inside and out, including one that’s perfect for a stick of deodorant, one that can fit your toothbrush (or your Philips OneBlade with the blade removed), and even a leak-proof pocket for liquids that will contain any mess if they explode en route.

On the outside of the cases, another zippered pocket hides a buckle strap which you can use to hang the bag from a towel rack (handy in small hotels with insufficient counter space), plus another large pouch that’s big enough for a passport. Filling this bag with duplicates of all of my bathroom things (I even bought a second OneBlade) has been the best thing to happen to my travel routine since the Chase Sapphire Reserve. I just grab it out of my bathroom closet, throw it in my suitcase, and hit the road, knowing it has everything I need.

“No-iron shirts” have been around for so long that it seems almost ridiculous to buy anything else. Twillory takes that notion one step further by taking that no-iron notion and