FOREO LUNA 2: The Electric Toothbrush For Your Face

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I’ve noticed Foreo products in passing for years and thought, “Weird that I’m getting remarketed a sex toy on this site,” before quickly remembering what Foreo was. I finally took the plunge.

The FOREO LUNA 2 (in black) is the designed-for-men version of Foreo’s facial scrub brush, and comes boasting a lot of benefits ranging from easy to almost impossible to quantify. To start with the obvious, a major advantage of the Luna 2 is that it’s silicone, and thus much less likely to get gross or be harsh like a bristle brush (looking at you Clarisonic).

The Good

I was expecting a scenario where I used the Luna 2 for a few weeks and then tried to discern a difference, but in fact the improvements in softer, smoother, less dry skin, and cleaner pores were immediate. That’s great, but it also makes sense. My previous routine consisted of normal cleansing and trying to have enough self-control not to exfoliate too much, so substituting a twice-daily brush for a sporadic physical exfoliant should definitely be an improvement.


Foreo also claims the Luna 2 makes for great pre-shave preparation, which also makes sense. Exfoliating before a shave is great for softening and cleaning your hair, and the Luna 2's brush is definitely going to be more effective than your hands and a physical exfoliant at a deep beard clean. I found, again immediately, that my facial hair was softer, smoother, and less itchy.

The Other Side

The backside of the Luna 2 features ribs that, allegedly, when used in the device’s anti-aging mode:

... [utilize] lower-frequency pulsations that, when applied to areas that are prone to wrinkles, leaves the skin looking younger and more energized, as well as delivers skin that looks firmer.


Foreo’s site boasts “91%” more toned skin, which I assume means 91% percent of men who used it saw more toned skin, not that your skin will be 91% more toned, along with reviews that include lines like,

“... my bf and I ... can’t go to sleep without massaging and cleaning our faces.”

I’ll give the anti-aging mode, along with Foreo’s IRIS a shot, and we’ll report back if we see firmer skin, but I’m not expecting anything from these facial massagers except facial massages.


So should you pony up for the Foreo Luna 2? Yes, actually. You’re probably exfoliating too much, and could be doing for more your face, and making your moisturizers and the rest of your products more effective, with a less harsh routine, and improving your shaves at the same time.

For those interested, but hesitant to plunk down $170, and frequent travelers, Foreo sells more affordable versions of the Luna 2 in other sizes: