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Bury Me In a Buffy Comforter

I have always been a comforter person. Get my bedroom as cold as I can handle and bury me in as many layers of fluffy blankets as possible. Until I started living with someone.


Because they sleep hot, a comforter became like a cling wrap layer, sealing in our combined sleeping temperatures and making it way too hot. The comforter was no longer a “comfort,” but a point of contention. It was an uncomforter.

So, we settled on a quilt and a wool blanket that was itchy but did the job, until I found the Buffy comforter.

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Photo: Buffy

Buffy could easily get lumped into the myriad startups attempting to disrupt the sleep industry, but they’re really focusing on what they do best. The founder, Leo Wang, and his family have been in bedding for over 25 years, so he’s no stranger to what my goes into a good comforter.

Buffy’s soft outer layer is made of a recycled microfiber, with a filling of natural eucalyptus fibers. It’s fluffy without being fussy, durable, and would do well both in and out of a duvet cover (I opted for in, because dog hair + white comforter = a pain in the ass). It’s anti-microbial, cruelty-free, and water-conservational. Plus, it’s machine washable and promises not to get all weird and clumpy like most washable comforters.

Gif: Buffy

And, if you’re as picky as I am when it comes to regulating body temperature overnight and you’re unsure of buying a comforter from the internet sight-unseen, Buffy offers free trial. You won’t be charged unless you end up keeping it (you will) after the 30 days are up.

It’s hard to say if the comforter saved my relationship, but I have my fluff, my plush, my layers of blanket, and I don’t feel stuffy or uncomfortable. It isn’t a heavy down comforter, and it isn’t made of synthetic fibers that make me itchy or don’t keep me warm. It’s the best thing that’s happened to my bed in years. No offense to my boyfriend.


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