Your Coffee and Tea Deserve Fellow's Drinkware

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Fellow made a name for themselves by making the only good-looking pour over kettle ever, but they’re not stopping there.

The Stagg Dripper + Carafe join the Kettle to complete Fellow’s coffee system. The Dripper is minimalist, compact, easy to use, and as you can probably guess, makes great coffee.

Stagg Dripper

  • Vacuum insulated for better heat retention during brewing
  • No-clog drainage system for consistent drip duration every time
  • Steep slope increases coffee-to-water contact to boost extraction
  • Drip cup to catch wayward drops of black gold
  • Measurements on drip cup to measure coffee before starting

The coffee winds up in the Carafe, a beautiful, handblown, double-walled affair that you’ll want to pour everything into. They should sell it separately, and I’ve started pouring the tea from my Breville into it as the latter lacks its own insulation.


The Carafe’s optional matching Tasting Glasses are my favorite item in the lineup, with a modern shape, great heat retention, and a flared lip for ergonomic drinking. The Glasses and Carafe are both made of borosilicate glass, which as you may know from Bodum’s similar offerings, means they’re not for people who throw their glasses around.