Twillory's SafeCotton is the Non-Iron Shirt You've Been Waiting For [Updated]

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Most non-iron shirts are produced using formaldehyde as the active ingredient. The more you know.

Before you decide how much weight to put on avoiding formaldehyde however, you should know that Twillory makes a damn good shirt in general, and at $50/piece if you buy four, also has one of the best deals in shirts going.

Smart Shirting Synopsis: Cut significantly slimmer throughout for a bespoke look. Extra long staple yarn Egyptian/Sea Island cotton grants an exquisite hand-feel. Naturally crease-resistant two ply construction provides versatile elegance. Perfect tail length plus an eight button keeps you looking sharp from 9 to 9.

If the only shirts you’ve ever owned were sold as Small, Medium, Large, etc., you’ll be in for a treat the first time you put on a shirt that actually fits. Readers who took advantage of one our Indochino deals will also be able to easily grab their measurements from their account page there.


In addition to wearing well and being easy to care for, Twillory’s SafeCotton shirts include some fairly badass brushed nickel collar stays- a very nice touch. I got two shirts to check out and I’ll definitely be taking advantage of the bundle deal to stock up.


Update 10/2/17: We took Twillory having some great new patterns in stock as a good excuse to wear their non-non-iron shirts, and we’re happy to report they’re just as great, and only slightly less wrinkle resistant. Tetris detailing!