Native Union Gives You Enough Bedside Cable To Not Hang Yourself

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Putting an extra-long charging cable by your bed and finding a solution for keeping that cable from falling on the floor are two of the best upgrades you can make to your in-bed device game. Native Union’s NIGHT Cable covers both.


Needless to say, Lifehacker has 12 years of articles about how to keep your cables from falling, using sundries like binder clips, Sugru, or off-the-shelf options like Quirky Cordies. Similarly, the best Lightning cables are readily available in 10ft lengths for less than half the price of the NIGHT Cable.


But the NIGHT Cable is the best-looking and most elegant answer to this question. Available in four colors as well as a Marble Edition that gives your cable ball a beautiful place to nest.

Bonus: A ten foot cable will reach across the width of a king size bed, so if you only have power on one side for whatever reason, this will cover your other nightstand as well.

Looking for a dock-style fix instead? We’ve got you well-covered: