Eufy RoboVac 11+

Update: Since this was originally posted, Anker has replaced the RoboVac 11 the RoboVac 11+, which is more powerful than the original RoboVac, and has all of the same features.

I’ve been a happy Roomba 770 owner for over a year now, and will continue to be until it dies, but if I were buying a robotic vacuum today, I’d get the Eufy RoboVac 11 instead.

Having tested out the RoboVac for a few days, it’s basically just as good as my Roomba. In fact, it does some things better: It’s a little thinner to fit under more pieces of furniture, it includes two side brushes instead of one, and it has a much better remote. But the biggest difference is how quiet it is; this thing is a ninja compared to the Roomba.

I recorded both from the same distance with the same microphone in the same room, and compared them side by side in this video. It’s not a scientific test by any means, but I didn’t do any post-processing or volume adjustments to the audio, it’s all straight from the mic.


On the other hand, the RoboVac doesn’t have a carrying handle like the Roomba, it seems to get stuck a little more often, and it doesn’t come with a virtual wall to keep it away from certain parts of your home.

These downsides are real, but in my opinion, they don’t cancel out the RoboVac’s advantages, and they really don’t justify its price difference. Both products are exactly what you’d expect mid-priced robotic vacuums to be. Neither is perfect, but they both do a pretty decent job of bopping around your house once per day to keep your floors clean, so why pay more than necessary?