Image: Keith Luke (Unsplash)

Think back to when you walked across that stage. I can guarantee you weren’t hoping to get a copy of Oh, The Places You’ll Go. Earn your own honorary degree in gift giving with our suggestions for actually useful graduation presents.

Gear For Starting Their Career

Unfortunately, the typical student wardrobe usually doesn’t translate well into the working world. Make them look like a true professional with Twillory’s no-iron shirts or a custom Indochino suit.


They’ll need the right accessories too. This Is Ground, Mujjo, and Daniel’s make leather laptop cases that will last, the Ember mug will keep their beverages hot through all of their morning meetings, and Ghost Paper will up their note taking skills to expert level.

For The Traveler

Are they lucky enough to be taking an incredibly enviable backpacking trip across Europe or spending a year abroad? Wherever they’re jetting off to, prepare them with some of the best travel gear, like this carry-on roller bag, some ultra-light merino basics, a trackable battery pack, or maybe a custom map to commemorate their adventure.

For Decorating Their New Space

With their new sophisticated degree, they’ve earned upscale home goods to match. We like these giant bath towels, slate serving boards, a beautiful catch-all container, and they’ll of course need a frame to show off that new diploma.

They’ll likely be spending a lot of time at a desk. Make it more interesting with Grovemade stylish leather and walnut laptop stands and mouse pads. Throw in this unique and functional planter/pen holder for a little greenery.

For the budding home cook, pick up a Breville toaster oven, versatile Instant Pot, or life-changing Sous Vide machine.

For Their First Real Adult Bedroom

Those jersey cotton dorm room sheets have to go. Outfit their new bedroom with an ultra-comfortable Casper Wave mattress, Parachute quilts, or Leesa pillows.

Give Them A Break

With classes, homework, part-time jobs, study sessions, and group projects, school can suck up a whole bunch of time. Show your former student they’ve earned some time to relax with the best slippers and lounge pants, or some new candles and house plants to admire.