Indochino Makes Custom Suiting Attainable

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You voted Indochino your favorite custom clothing company by a wide margin, and it’s easy to see why.

Having a suit that fits perfectly is great, but the little details Indochino lets you customize, from your jacket lapels to pocket flaps to accent stiching around your buttons, are where things get fun.

How It Works

Measure and customize from home...

Follow the directions on Indochino’s site to submit your measurements and customize your suit. Once the suit arrives, if anything doesn’t fit quite right, Indochino will provide directions for your local tailor, along with a $75 credit to cover their work. If for whatever reason your tailor cannot resolve the issues, Indochino will remake your suit. Shipping and return shipping are free.


You do not have to go through the measurement and customization process to lock in this discount. You can checkout now and submit later. This option also makes it easy to gift a suit, and Father’s Day is June 19th.

If you live near a showroom...

Purchase your suit online with our discount and take your receipt/account info into an Indochino showroom. They’ll do your measurements, walk you through your customization options, and have your suit delivered to the showroom. Return once it arrives for any final alterations if they’re needed.


Those who already have a closet full of suits may want to opt for something more interesting like the Burgundy Wool Stretch, while the rest of us should go for something versatile. I picked the Midnight Blue Micro Houndstooth Check after many a lap around the showroom.


Let us know what you’ll be wearing to your next event (or day at the office) in the comments.