If You're Going to Lounge, you Need the Right Pants for the Job [Updated]

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At some point, someone gave men permission to have nice underwear, and that blessing has been extended to your sweatpants.

MeUndies, the harbinger of better men’s basics and innovator of subscription underwear, and Tommy John, my new favorite manufacturer of men’s basics, have both entered the lounge pant game.

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Tommy John’s Lounge Pants cost $1 less than MeUndies’, are 90% modal, and feature a “stash” pocket on the front. Tommy John claims their modal is non-pilling and holds it shape better than the competition, and this is completely accurate in my experience.


MeUndies Lounge Pants are available in a few more colors, 92% modal, and have normal pants pockets.

Whichever pair you choose, if you have a penis, buy a dark color. Anyone who has worn modal underwear knows how flattering they are to your bulge, and you won’t be able to reasonably take the dog out or get the mail in a light gray pair.

Tommy John has also launched a pair of Lounge Shorts that are just as ridiculously comfortable, and perfect for travel lounging.


Update 3/20/18: Saxx’s Sleepwalker Pants, also modal, now include their Ballpark Pouch, because we all need a little support even while laying around doing nothing.



Bonus: MeUndies’ modal onesie, made of the same materials as their category-defining underwear and luxurious lounge pants, sets a new bar for comfort and softness.

If you’ve ever worn modal underwear, you know it shows off your junk like nobody’s business, so probably not the best thing to wear while opening presents around the tree with family.