Give Brooklyn Slate's Beautiful Boards a Seat at Your Table

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We’ve already sung the praises of Brooklyn Slate’s mugs and coasters, and their tableware offerings are just as solid.

Brooklyn Slate retails a full quarry of slates in a range of sizes and textures- some options are even available in red, and as you can see above, they do customization as well.

Slates aren’t just for cheese, and are great for adding textures and divisions to tables, desks, dressers, and nightstands, just to name a few uses. When you’re not using them to serve and display food, treat them like giant coasters or valet trays. You can also write on them using soapstone pencils.

Our products are sourced from the Vermont and New York Slate Valley, a unique geological formation that runs between Vermont and New York states. This area is world famous for producing slate roofs and other residential, industrial, and commercial products for more than a century.


Any of Brooklyn Slate’s boards that don’t have cork feet on the bottom are dishwasher safe.