Map the World to Your Wall, Proper Proportions and All

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The Future Mapping Company maps everything from cities to skies, with high-quality printing methods, bold stylistic choices, and fidelity to reality. The maps are available as paper or plastic prints, can be made magnetic, and can even be manufactured as wallpaper(!). Framing options are also available.

The equal-area projection shows the countries in their correct proportions to one another. We think that this alternative and thought provoking vision of the world is not just beautiful but important. Sea depth layers, North and South Pole projections as well as all the usual mountain ranges, rivers, city populations, also make this map an ideal point of reference.

I have the Blue/Emerald/Pink/Yellow version of the Huge Future Map above my bed, hung with the POSTERHANGER by Jørgen Møller. The Map looks incredible on a wall painted with Behr’s Planetarium, but such a large version of the hanger, in a 4th floor corner two balcony unit, required some extra securing, and may or may not have fallen off the wall a couple times.

Future Maps are relatively inexpensive for their size, detail, and quality, and make an amazing gift.