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Earlier this week we asked you to unzip and talk about your picks for best men’s premium underwear. Some of you ignored the criteria completely, some of you nominated underwear marketed toward women, and many of you engaged in a healthy debate about best practices when peeing. There’s something for everyone here.

Note: This post got long, so we’re putting the poll at the top for your convenience. Scroll down to read more about the contenders.

Let’s start with underwear that received your support but did not meet our criteria:


ExOfficio: Top four contender in our 2015 poll, Kinja Deals Bestseller, and favorite of our Commerce Researcher, Corey Foster. More than 30,000 pair of these have been purchased through our links. Nylon.

Uniqlo AIRism: Uniqlo is the most popular apparel brand we post on Kinja Deals, and we’re big fans of their AIRism and Heattech collections. Their AIRism undershirt won your support in that category. Polyester.

Duluth Trading Co: Duluth got a lot of love from you both this year and back in 2015, especially for their Armachillo line. Cotton, nylon, and/or spandex.


Under Armour: Another of our top four contenders from 2015. Polyester and elastane.

In between discussing Tommy John and Mack Weldon, a larger debate emerged around the merits or lack thereof of the fly. So tell us, how do you pee?

Before we get in to the meat of this, a special mention goes out to NPLP Wearer’s nomination. Commerce Content is, at its core, about discovery for us. So, nailed it.


Meundies stole me from calvin klein and saved me money in the process. No ride up such a good product great designs too! - Jasonia

MeUndies were also one of our top four contenders in 2015.


Our coverage of Saxx is forthcoming, but we love that they’re one of only a few brands that provide both modal and merino options. They even have merino tights.

Mack Weldon

Mack Weldon | Here’s hoping the hanging your underwear in the closet trend catches on.

Mack Weldon and Tommy John are my personal top two pair. Mack Weldon has the best structure to comfort ratio of anything we’ve tried.

Absolutely love them, have a pair of their trunks in every color/pattern. I was hesitant at first — due to the price — but nabbed a discount code and picked up a single pair. Then I got more. Before that, I was an Under Armour vented boxerjock die hard. I still dig those for the gym, but the Mack Weldons are my every day go-to. - RockoSolido

Tommy John

Our Tommy John underwear coverage is forthcoming, but they win on the technology front, and we like their variety as well. Their Second Skin Trunk is the one that fits this week’s premium criteria: 90% non-pilling micro modal. They also make our favorite undershirts, our favorite lounge pants, and some of our favorite shirts in general.


The absolute best undies I’ve had. They don’t ride up, they keep my package under control, and they keep everything nice and cool. I love mine. My only problem is I don’t have enough of them. - BigJayDogg3


MyPakage is now Bn3th.