Diversify Your Basics With Tommy John's Moroccan Tees

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I’m Moroccan one as I write this.

In this society where men are systematically oppressed into so few clothing options, a different cut to the neck of your tee should welcomed with open arms.

Tommy John’s Moroccan tees are ridiculous soft, fit just right, and look better and more thoughtful than a V-neck. Whatever comparisons these tees are conjuring up in your head to Henleys, please understand that no one has ever pulled off a Henley. Not even Don Henley.

Composed of 57% Pima Cotton, 38% Modal, and 5% Spandex, these shirts retain their shape, won’t pill, resist wrinkles, and did I mention they were ridiculously soft?

The Moroccan Tees are currently available in short and long-sleeved options, and several different colors including some limited edition ones. I’m concerned about how many I may buy.