Tommy John Will Make You Look Forward to Putting on Undershirts

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Burn your 100% cotton. Tommy John has become our go-to destination for the best men’s basics, and their undershirts are no exception.

Tommy John’s undershirts are vitally available as V-necks and Deep Vs, as well as crew necks and tank tops (stop), though the lack of grey is a bummer.

Cool Cotton is the most familiar Tommy John offering, comprised of 86% Pima Cotton and 14% Spandex.

Air, as you can probably guess, is Tommy John’s anti-microbial and anti-odor take on the mesh shirt. 77% Nylon Mesh and 23% Spandex, similar to Uniqlo’s Airism.


Second Skin is the star of the line, featuring 90% modal, the same material used in their fantastic tees and the MeUndies you probably have at least one pair of at this point.

All of Tommy John’s undershirts stay in place better than any others I’ve ever worn, with no untucking and no bunching. They’ll keep you clean and cool, and protect your clothes without effecting their fit.