Wet Weather Is No Match For Allbirds' New Water-Resistant Sneakers

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Stormy days ruin a lot of outdoor activities, but now, wearing Allbirds isn’t one of them! The maker of the most comfortable wool shoe is revamping their original sneaker with the men’s and women’s Mizzle Collection, made to withstand misty drizzles (hence the name) and other wet weather that may have previously precluded you from taking your Allbirds out for a spin.

Allbirds managed to waterproof their signature merino wool with the help of their proprietary Puddle Guard, a breathable bio-based shield beneath the wool upper. Meanwhile, the upper also also been treated with ECO PASSPORT-certified, fluorine-free water repellent, so you won’t find any soggy shoes here. In addition, the rubber sole, made from carbon negative Brazilian sugarcane, was designed with deeper treads for better durability and traction on slippery surfaces. Otherwise, the shoes feature the same comfort and softness that you know and love from Allbirds’ original Wool Runners.

In addition to the Wool Runner Mizzle’s new tolerance for wet conditions, Allbirds has also introduced a new style: the Wool Runner-up Mizzle, a high-top version of their classic design.


The shoes come in seven perfect-for-fall hues for men and women. The Wool Runner Mizzle’s will run you $115, while the Runner-ups are $135. So make it rain on these new Allbirds before your ideal pair gets taken by storm.