Today's Best Deals: Anker Smart Scale, H&R Block, Stanley Bottles, and More

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Tax software, Stanley drink vessels, and Anker’s brand new smart scale lead off Monday’s best deals.

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Top Deals

If you still haven’t gotten around to doing your taxes, you’ve got a big advantage over the early birds: Huge discounts on H&R Block tax filing software, courtesy of Amazon.

Those crossed out MSRPs you see? Those are the prices H&R Block actually charges, so we’re talking about serious savings here. If you need help deciding which tier to buy, H&R Block has a handy comparison chart here.

The best part? When you file through this software, you can opt to receive all or a portion of your refund in the form of an Amazon gift card, which will net you a 10% bonus. So a $1,000 refund could become $1,100 in your Amazon account, which would more than make up for the cost of the software.

Just note that like all Gold Box deals, these prices are only available today, so don’t miss out.

Update: These went up to $240 basically right as I published this post. That’s still a really good price for them, but obviously not quite as good as $230.

$230 might seem like a lot to spend on a set of dumbbells, but these Bowflex adjustable models take up way less room than a full rack of weights, and certainly cost less over time than a gym membership.

Still not convinced? They have a 4.7 star review average from over 3,000 Amazon customers, and today’s all-time low price easily tops the $250 deal we saw around Black Friday.

Anker just unveiled its very first smart bathroom scale, and as you might expect from one of our readers’ favorite manufacturers, it’s really good.

Update: You guys bought literally all of the white scales, and ran through the promo code redemption limit for the black one, but you can still buy it for $50.

As part of a limited time launch sale, you can save $10 on the Eufy (that’s Anker’s brand for home goods) BodySense Smart Scale with promo code KINJA110 (black) or KINJA888 (white).

In addition to functioning as a normal digital bathroom scale, the BodySense can measure metrics such as body fat percentage and body water, and sync all of that data over Bluetooth to your iOS or Android smartphone. You can see my impressions here, but it’s the most seamless and reliable smart scale I’ve ever personally used, and a great deal at $40.

When you can get a dozen Philips LED bulbs for just $26, there’s really no reason not to upgrade every lamp in your house. These put out the brightness equivalent of a 60W incandescent, but with only 9W of electricity each. Plus, many local utility companies offer rebates when you buy these things, so they should pay for themselves in short order.

A few caveats to mention: These bulbs aren’t dimmable, which is par for the course at this price, but just be aware of it. Also, they’re daylight bulbs, which are great in rooms where you want to be active (think offices, the kitchen, bathrooms), but aren’t ideal in rooms where you want to relax. For those, you’ll want to opt for soft white bulbs for a few dollars more.

While not perfect, the Moto Z is fairly unique in its ability to augment its capabilities via Moto Mods, and you can get started with the handset for $450 unlocked from B&H today, with no sales tax outside of New York and New Jersey.

That’s still not an inexpensive phone, but the $250 you saved can go towards mods like the Hasselblad camera attachment, the Moto Insta-Share projector, or the JBL SoundBoost speaker mod.

You know what they say; once you go vacuum insulated stainless steel, you never go back. This spacious 16 ounce Thermos can keep beverages cold for up to 24 hours, or hot for up to 12, and its lid even doubles as a cup to help avoid spillage. This model’s price fluctuates a lot, but today’s $18 deal is the best Amazon’s ever listed.

Kubo and the Two Strings has everything a perfect family movie could need: beautiful animation, anthropomorphic animals, and a feisty, young main character that has to save the day. And for $12, it’s something that should be on your Blu-ray shelf.

Everyone reading this (hopefully) brushes their teeth, so this Amazon sample box should be a no-brainer. $5 gets you a trial-sized floss, two Crest 1-hour express whitestrips, and 2.5 ounces of toothpaste, which is a perfect size for flying.

You should know the drill by now, but once you get your box, your Amazon account will automatically be credited $5 to spend on dozens of oral care products. Some of them are things you’d buy anyway, so you’ll essentially get the sample box for free.

Conceal your booze or just safely bring some liquid camping thanks to this Stanley Gold Box from Amazon. This brand has been around for over 100 years and for good reason. The vacuum-sealed steel design basically started the craze of finding the best place to put hot or cold liquids and keep them that way.

Here are a few styles, but definitely check out Amazon for the rest.

Electric kettles are the fastest and most efficient way to boil water, and if you’re going to buy one, you might as well go all out. Breville’s 1.8 liter kettle features five different water temperatures for different types of tea, plus boil dry protection. It also looks really pretty, which counts for a lot in my book.

Until today, Amazon’s never sold this thing for less than $99, so I wouldn’t hesitate at $80 if you’re in the market.

The Bonavita BV1800 is your favorite coffee maker, and you can snag one with a stainless steel carafe for $107 today, which is easily the best price we’ve ever seen.

Our readers praised the Bonavita’s shower head system for saturating the beans to extract the most flavor, and added that its carafe can keep keep the finished product hot for hours on end. Sounds like a winner to me.

If your movie theater of choice is run by AMC, there’s no reason not to buy this $30 gift card for $25. That’s an extra $5 you can spend on popcorn, which might even get you a small in certain cities.

Metal Gear Solid V is still one of the best games you can play on the current generation of consoles, and the definitive edition, complete with all DLC, is a no-brainer at $30 if you don’t already own it.

I’m not sure that Anker products would really make the best Valentine’s Day gifts, but that’s not going to stop them from offering a ton of discounts and promo codes.

There are too many deals to list here, but we have them all broken out on this post. You’ll find our readers’ favorite charging cables, battery packs, and Bluetooth headphones, the most popular string lights we’ve ever listed, and a lot more. Just be sure to note the promo codes.

This $9 camping tool is less than 6" long folded, and weighs under a pound, and yet it’s a shovel, hoe, compass, saw, nail puller, pickaxe and bottle opener all in one. Frankly, I doubt it’s amazing at any of those tasks, but versatility counts for a lot when you’re carrying everything on your back.

As a rule, car seats don’t have enough lumbar support, but that’s easy to fix with this memory foam cushion. It’s listed on Amazon for $50, but that’s currently dropping to $20 automatically at checkout, while supplies last.

Waterpik is an easier (and they would argue more effective) way to “floss” between your teeth, and Amazon is taking 15% off select Waterpik products. Just remember to clip the coupon, and note that the discount isn’t shown until checkout.

The discount is on two styles: the Complete Care kit, which comes with the flosser and a sonic tooth brush, and a wireless version of the Waterpik.

You probably already got your Bean boots and are ready for whatever 2017 throws at you (weather-wise, at least). But if you need to replace a few things, say gloves or a coat, L.L.Bean is giving you up to 20% off a ton of insulated outerwear and footwear, plus some great winter gear when you use the code SNOW.

And if you didn’t grab Bean boots, they aren’t marked down, but there are a ton of other options for great weatherproof boots on sale.

Ultimate Ears’ MEGABOOM Bluetooth speaker is the extra large, waterproof version of the best Bluetooth speaker on the market, and Amazon’s marked the Electric Blue model down to $190 today, one of the best prices we’ve seen.

Smoke and CO alarms can keep you safe while you’re at home, but they’re totally useless if something goes haywire while you’re away. Leeo fixes that by alerting you on your phone whenever they go off, and you can get yours for just $29 today, or about $20 less than usual.

To be clear, Leeo isn’t a smoke or CO alarm on its own; it’s basically an internet-connected microphone that listens for your existing alarms. It can also alert emergency services and/or neighbors if you’re away from your phone, and it even operates as a full RGB night light that you can control from your phone or via IFTTT. That’s a ton of features for under $30.

OxyLED has been selling stick-anywhere LED lights in every shape and size for years, but their newest model might be the coolest one yet.

Functionally, it’s a motion-sensing battery powered-light like many of OxyLED’s others, but the design is 100% new. Instead of sticking the whole thing to a surface with adhesive, this two-piece setup includes a base that attaches with magnets or adhesive, and a separate light module that nests magnetically inside, allowing you to point it in any direction you want.

That means you can remove the light from the base at any time to charge it, or even to use it as a portable flashlight. Just be sure to use promo code OXYLDN03 at checkout to save $5.

A good label maker is something everyone should own, and the top-selling DYMO LabelManager 160 is back in stock for just $10 today, matching an all-time low.

If you remember the old label makers that literally pressed the letters into a piece of tape, this is a bit more advanced than what you’re picturing. The Dymo LabelManager 160 can print in eight fonts at six sizes, along with clipart and special characters, and you can even preview the entire label on its LCD screen before you print.

We’ve seen this deal before, but it usually sells out quickly, so act fast.

Logitech’s G602 is more than enough gaming mouse for most people—we’re talking 250 hour battery life, 11 programmable buttons, and per-user programmable DPI settings—and it can be yours for $40 today, if you’re a Prime member. That’s a match for the best price we’ve ever seen.

Whether you love to sing in the shower, or just need more time to catch up on your podcasts, everyone should own a water-resistant Bluetooth speaker when they only set you back $15.

Amazon just kicked off another of its periodic Fire and Kindle device deals, with $10-$20 off various devices, and up to $45 off bundles that include chargers, cases, and more.

These could make great Valentine’s gifts for the right kind of person, but we aren’t sure how long the price drops will last, so check them out here.

The next PS4 firmware update will finally let you store games on external hard drives, and $70 is about as cheap as you’ll see 2TB models.

Tile is the ultimate device for anyone who can’t stop losing her things, and a single Tile Slim is back down to its best price ever of $25.

If you aren’t familiar, you just slide this thing into your wallet, keep it in your car, stick it in your luggage...anything you frequently misplace, and the Tile app on your phone can ping them over Bluetooth and cause them to beep until you find what you’re looking for. And if your lost item is outside of your phone’s Bluetooth range, it’ll show up on a map automatically any time another Tile user comes into range.

Today’s $25 deal on the Tile Slim is $5 less than usual, and a match for Black Friday if you missed out last year.

Can’t get enough anime? For a limited time, if you buy select anime Blu-rays or DVDs, you’ll get a $10 credit from Amazon to spend on select anime video games for PS4 and Xbox One. Just note that you won’t get the code until your movie ships, so keep that URL handy.

Our readers have upgraded a lot of AC power receptacles with USB charging ports over the last few years, but if you were holding out for more future-proof options with USB-C and Quick Charge technology, today’s your lucky day.

Top Greener’s brand new receptacles include either two Quick Charge USB-A ports, or one QC port and a USB-C port for your newer devices, and both are on sale today, plus modest additional discounts with the promo codes listed below. Unfortunately, you will sacrifice one of your AC outlets for the privilege, but chances are, you already have some USB charging bricks plugged in at all times throughout your house anyway.

There are also Quick Charge 3.0 versions of the same receptacles available, but unfortunately they aren’t on sale.

You’ve probably got a bunch of rechargeable AA batteries lying around, but if you need some AAAs to go with them, AmazonBasics’ 12-pack is down to just $12 right now.

You can never have enough power outlets, and you can never have enough USB charging ports, but this $20 surge protector from RAVPower gets you a little bit closer to charging nirvana.

There are few things more irritating than noticing your tires are low on air, and then having to find a bunch of quarters, driving to the gas station, and cursing the heavens when the compressor shuts off before you’ve finished filling all four.

Instead, just buy this tiny $30 compressor, and fill up your own tires from anywhere. You can thank me later.

It’s been a...stressful few weeks for many of us, so turn off Twitter and treat yourself to a massage at home with these discounts. Then do it again, and again, and again, and ag....

Note: It’s not obvious from the images below, but the $75 Naipo includes a two hour battery, while the less expensive model needs to be plugged in.

Amazon’s Prime Pantry service has kicked off February with a pair of free shipping promotions.

If the $6-per-box Prime Pantry delivery fee is scaring you off, it’s easy to avoid by including any five items from this page in your box. There are hundreds of eligible products from across every major category, so you should have no trouble finding five that you were going to buy anyway. If you meet this requirement, you’ll see the $6 shipping fee waived at checkout.

If you somehow don’t find five items that you want, you can also add some from this “Made For Super Bowl” promotion. You won’t get your items by Sunday, but there’s never a bad time to eat Stacy’s Pita Chips. It’s the same free shipping offer, but you could combine items from both pages to get the deal.

The best part? If you have a Prime Pantry shipping credit on your Amazon account for choosing no-rush shipping on a previous order, that will stack with this deal, saving you an extra $6.

There are probably thousands of Apple Watch charging stands out there, but basically every one I’ve seen shares the same problem: They slide all over your nightstand when you try to pull the watch off its magnetic charger.

Aukey seems to have solved that with an ingeniously simple suction cup on the bottom of its new stand. It’s a little thing, but you’ll appreciate it every night, and what’s $6 to someone who spent $270+ on an Apple Watch?

Note: This doesn’t include any actual charging hardware: Like most Apple Watch charging stands, it’s basically just housing for the included charger.

Aukey’s simple magnetic smartphone vent holder is one of the most popular car mounts out there, and from personal experience, I can tell you it’s awesome for taking on vacation for use in a rental car as well. For $6, go ahead, give it a try.

You know the little charging brick that came with your phone? Throw it out, and spend $6 on this replacement from Aukey (white only with code ZOERF9IO). It’s basically the same size as Apple’s standard iPhone charger, but it includes two ports, folding prongs, and 2.4A of current (shared between the ports) to charge your devices faster.

If you still haven’t given up on your New Year’s resolution to build muscle, Amazon’s selling an Optimum Nutrition protein combo pack with everything you need. You get 28 servings of whey, 30 servings of pre and post-workout blends, and even a mixing bottle for kicks.

The kit is currently listed for $71, which is about $10-$15 less than buying all the supplements separately, but for a limited time, a $25 on-page coupon will bring that all the way down to $46.





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