Your Favorite Anker Products

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Readers have purchased more than 10 million products through links on our network since 2012, and over 100,000 of those products were made by Anker. Here are some of your favorites, excluding discontinued or replaced models.

These cables are built with kevlar fiber and feature reinforced stress points, which means they can last 5 times longer than typical cables.

If you need even more durable cables, step up to the nylon-wrapped PowerLine+ series, the lifetime warrantied PowerLine IIs, or the nylon-wrapped and lifetime warrantied PowerLine+ II.

You’ll need something to plug those cables into, and Anker’s PowerPort line of charging hubs are our readers’ favorite. These come in both desktop and wall plug sizes, each with varying numbers of ports, available power output, and other features.

Apple’s adoption of the Qi charging standard blew the doors wide open on the wireless charging market, and Anker’s been one of the biggest beneficiaries with a variety of different pads and stands, including some that charge iPhones at the maximum 7.5W charging speed.

Anker’s PowerCore chargers dominate the USB battery market due to their premium build quality and fast charging speeds. These come in a ton of different sizes with various features, but here are the latest and greatest:

The Anker PowerCore Fusion is the best of both worlds: A 2-port USB travel charger and a 5,000mAh battery pack all rolled into one. No wonder it won our Co-Op for best travel charger.

What started as a single set of Bluetooth headphones has blossomed into an entire line of inexpensive wireless headphones.

The SoundCore was our readers’ favorite cheap bluetooth speaker, and has expanded to encompass an entire product line, including a water-resistant sequel.

... for just $30-$40, this thing can fill a room, and sounds pretty damn good to my ears. That said, the standout feature—as you might expect from a company that makes amazing battery packs—is its 24 hour battery life. - Shep

Anker now sells a variety of dash cams with mostly minor variations between them. Maybe someday your video will be featured on Jalopnik.

We’ve never done a Co-Op for string lights, but Anker’s are by far the most popular. They say Eufy, but that’s just Anker’s home-focused sub-brand.

Anker even makes extremely popular robotic vacuums now, because why not?

Anker’s recently taken on the Philips Hues and Belkin WeMos of the world with a few well-reviewed smart home gadgets.