This Prompt-filled Journal Helps You Learn About Your Truest Self

Self-reflection doesn't have to be a solo journey!

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Get Untamed: The Journal (How to Quit Pleasing and Start Living) by Glennon Doyle | $19 | Bookshop

Untangling one’s self from the web that is people pleasing is a fraught and lonely process of self-reflection. And what may seem like a process that one must do alone, there are ample resources and guides to help the healing process. Get Untamed: The Journal is trending on Bookshop, and is beloved by badass ladies like Tracee Ellis Ross and Adele. The book is chock full of prompts to help us examine what makes us feel caged—from exercises to meditative coloring pages—to help us access our truest self. It’s a curated journal experience to prompt that reflection on who we are and what boxes we put ourselves into, and how to emerge from them stronger. Here’s to a year of personal growth!