These Are Our Readers' Four Favorite Sheet Sets

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We asked about your dream sheets and you answered. After reviewing all votes, these four were on the top of the pile. Head down to the bottom of this post and cast your vote for your favorite.


I really like the Threshold label from Target. They come in a wide variety of colors and designs, the price is very good, they feel nice to sleep on even though they aren’t a “high” thread count. But, best of all, the fitted sheets have elastic around the entire sheet. I have a deep mattress, although there are certainly deeper ones available, but for some reason these are the only sheets that actually cover the side of my mattress all the time. Any other sheets, I have to pull the sheet back down every day when I make my bed (ok, I don’t actually make my bed EVERY day, but I do pull the sheets down every day because it just looks terrible otherwise). - SleepDoc

We love them. We have absolutely no issues with sheets coming off the mattress with this brand and they stay cool enough to be comfortable year round. I know, Target sheets, but really - they’re incredible! - LeslieKnopeWyatt


Brooklinen Lux

I have a few sets of Brooklinen sheets, and I love them. They always feel crisp and clean, and also stay cool to the touch, which is great for hot summer nights. Also, they come in tons of very simple, matches-with-everything-but-still-looks-great-and-fancy colors and patterns. After I bought one, I got 2 more sets and rotate them around. 100% recommend. - Blueberry Cheese Danish

They are incredibly soft and comfortable, incredibly breathable, and hold up well over multiple washings. They even include helpful little touches, like tags on the fitted sheet that say “long side” and “short side,” and come in a reusable pouch that has become by far my favorite grocery shopping bag (long handles means it can be draped over my shoulder easily). Best set I’ve ever owned. - PetuniaWrigley



I had purchased several different thread counts and slept in several others, however after purchasing the Sheex performance sheets, I haven’t bought anything else. They keep me cool at night and feel amazing. - Xious

They’re sheets made out of Lululemon/workout material. Cool as hell - purdy44

Pure Beech 100% Modal Sateen

We’ve been sleeping on the Pure Beech Modal Sheets from Bed Bath & Beyond for over a decade. They’re super soft, and cool, too, if you’re a hot sleeper like I am.- itsy bitsy spader