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The Only Phone Accessory I Need Is This $10 Magnetic Kickstand

Spigen U100 Universal Kickstand
Gif: Eric Ravenscraft

I want a fast, wireless charger. It’s probably a good idea to have a phone case. But there’s only one accessory I need on my phone, and it’s this Spigen kickstand.

A kickstand is a deceptively simple innovation for smartphones that can have a daily impact on your usage. Want to show a video to some friends? Quit holding it in your shaky hand. Prop open a kickstand and put it on the table. Checking notifications at work? Stop craning your neck over your phone. Put up the kickstand so you can see what’s on your phone’s screen.

It’s so simple, it should be obvious. Yet despite modern devices like the Nintendo Switch demonstrating the clear superiority of the kickstand lifestyle (even if the Switch’s kickstand could be sturdier), few phones come with their own built-in kickstands anymore.


Some phone cases come with their own built-in kickstand, but Spigen has a better solution. This $10 kickstand has a small adhesive strip on the back so you can adhere it to the phone or case of your choosing. This offers some flexibility if you’d rather not limit your phone case selection to those with kickstands. Some Android phones may not even have the option, so Spigen’s solution is a welcome one.

It’s also a surprisingly durable accessory. The small metal kickstand sits inside a slightly larger metal base, attached by a light spring. When closed, a magnet holds the kickstand closed. A light nudge on the bottom will fling the kickstand open with a satisfying click.

When propped open, the left side of the kickstand leans on the metal base for support, to prevent overextending. While it’s not impossible to press on the kickstand so hard that you break it, it’s unlikely to happen by accident except in situations that would probably also damage your phone. Compared to the flimsy kickstand on the Nintendo Switch, it feels like a tank.

Most importantly, the Spigen kickstand is small enough to stay out of the way. The incredibly popular PopSockets offer a similar kickstand-like functionality, but the pop-out grip takes up a lot of space on the back of your phone. If you wanted to put a wallet or a magnet for a car dock on the back of your case, the Spigen kickstand leaves you room to do so, while a PopSocket doesn’t.

In fact, most of the time, the Spigen kickstand feels invisible. When holding my phone during normal use, I rarely even notice it’s there. It’s only when I need to prop my phone up to watch a video or keep an eye on my notifications that it appears at all.


Eric creates video essays as Lord Ravenscraft on YouTube. He's also a freelance writer with bylines in The Inventory, Wired, The New York Times, and a former Senior Writer for Lifehacker.

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