The HyperX Pulsefire Surge is A Handful of Precision, Comfort, and Personal Style

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I have a lot of respect for how personal a mouse, especially a precision gaming mouse, is to each of us. My deep-seated mousing preference is for a right-handed, ergonomic, palm-grip design that stemmed from playing hours of the original DOOM with a Microsoft Intellimouse. So when HyperX, maker of one of our readers’ favorite gaming headsets, sent me its new Pulsefire Surge gaming mouse to try, my initial excitement was muted when the box revealed it was a claw-grip.

I took an involuntary slow breath to ready myself for a week or so of getting comfortable with the shape. I unboxed the Pulsefire Surge and plugged it in to my office machine, leaving my trusty mouse plugged and turned over on my desk just in case I needed some respite. I snatched the Surge and started working and realized that the Pulsefire Surge is the most immediately comfortable claw-grip mouse I’ve ever used.


Beyond the surprising comfort in my medium-sized hands, the Surge is just solidly built. Through a full month of use, including at least an hour of gaming mixed into each “work” day, the Hyper-X Pulsefire Surge still structurally feels like new - no plastic creaks or wheel squeaks.

With its Pixart 3389 sensor and Omron switches, the Pulsefire Surge delivers top shelf performance. If your current gaming mouse has anything less than a Pixart sensor, I urge you to experience what I’m excited about. HyperX NGenuity software not only adjusts the Pixart’s effective DPI from 100 to 16,000 in 50 DPI increments, it lets you choose how many custom DPI levels you have access to from the mouse on-the-fly.


For those who need more than personalized performance, it’s got a whole bunch of pretty lights you can control, too.

The NGenuity control panel grants complete control of each RGB LED in the 360-degree array. Animations and presets designed to complement most games are available through NGenuity. I’ve spent hours just fiddling with the lighting array, and I feel it was time well spent.

The Hyper-X Pulsefire Surge RGB gaming mouse is so complete and comfortable that my old mouse is still an upside-down turtle on my desk, and has been for long enough to gather a layer of dust.