Graphic: Chelsea Stone

Nordstrom’s been known to host a handful of great Pop-Ins, but their latest exclusive collaboration with Herschel Supply Co. was clearly made for back to school season. The collection, which was “inspired by music and travel,” introduces six new colorways—and a whole lot of personality—to the Herschel fold.

If you want to bag a new bag, be sure to act quickly; this collab will only be hanging around until September 29. Below, find a few of our favorite Pop-In pieces, or shop the full collection here.

Large Trade 34-Inch Rolling Suitcase

This non-boring suitcase will brighten up any dreary day of travel. A sturdy polycarbonate roller, the massive 34-incher features a TSA-approved lock and an interior mesh organizer and garment straps on the inside.

Grade Messenger Bag

Grade Messenger Bag in Black Fleece, $75
Graphic: Chelsea Stone

A plain black messenger bag? Tired. A fluffy black messenger. Inspired! It has an adjustable strap and hook-and-loop flap closure so your belongings (it’s definitely big enough for a laptop) will be safe inside.

Fleece North/South Tote

Fleece North/South Tote in Baby Blue, $50
Graphic: Chelsea Stone

In a similar vein, this plush, baby blue tote is fun as hell.

Small Grove Backpack

A Herschel classic, this royal blue and neon green color combination, featuring a striking grid pattern, will stand out in any school hallway—or on the streets.

Heritage Mini Pouch

And there’s a tiny version to wear around your waist! This mini pouch loops onto your belt to become a makeshift fanny pack. If you wear this while also carrying the above backpack, you’ll probably look like a fool...but I’ll respect you.

Fourteen Ripstop Belt Bag

In case you hadn’t heard, fanny packs are back. Wear this one across your body, as shown in the photo, or just embrace the fact that this is a fanny pack and go full on ’80s dad. (If you really just can’t get on board with a fanny pack, this crossbody bag is less offensive and still very cool.)

Settlement Case

Settlement Case in Green/Red/Gold, $25
Graphic: Chelsea Stone

This corduroy Settlement Case—which sounds like some legal jargon but is actually just a pencil case—in red, green, and gold practically screams “back to school.”

Johnny Zip Wallet

Johnny Zip Wallet in Tiger/Royal Blue, $40
Graphic: Chelsea Stone

This tiger pattern is by far the loudest print in this Pop-In, and this small coin purse if the perfect way to subtly show it off. Actually, you know what, fuck it. Just buy the tiger print duffle bag.