Saturday's Best Deals: Surround Sound, Sony Headphones, Beef Jerky

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Vizio surround sound, wireless Sony headphones, and beef jerky lead off Saturday’s best deals from around the web.

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Top Tech Deals

If you’ve always wanted surround sound at home, but have been scared off by its cost and complexity, Amazon’s running the a great deal on Vizio’s turnkey 5.1 sound bar system.

This is a newest version of the system than we’ve written about in the past, but it still has all the same features, plus a few new tricks. The biggest change is the design of the subwoofer; it’s now slim enough to fit under a couch, making the system even less obtrusive. It also includes Google Cast support for seamless audio streaming from over 100 popular apps, without futzing around in your Bluetooth settings.

Like the previous models though, the 45" sound bar still plugs directly into your TV over optical or HDMI-ARC, no receiver required. And the wireless subwoofer still acts as a receiver for the two wired satellite speakers, meaning you won’t have to run a cable from your TV to the back of the room. I have the 38" 2015 model of this system, and absolutely love it.

Today’s price is within a couple bucks of an all-time low, and about $100 less than usual, but it’s only available for Prime members.

If you want to cut the cord, but can’t abide earbuds, Sony’s popular on-ear MDRXB650BTs are on sale for $68 right now, an all-time low, and a match for Black Friday. These include NFC pairing, a built-in microphone, and 30 hours of battery life, and you even get your choice of three different colors.

Anker’s PowerCore line has reigned as our readers’ favorite USB battery pack for nearly a year, and its long awaited sequel has rolled out in the form of the PowerCore II.

Grab the brand new PowerCore II 20000 for just $37. In addition to a fresh new design, the PowerCore II includes three high speed USB charging ports with a whopping 30W shared between them, plus dual 10W microUSB inputs, allowing you to recharge the entire brick in under six hours.

More PowerCore Battery Deals:

There’s no such thing as owning too many Lightning cables, especially at $5 each.

Note: For the $10 listing below, that’s the price for two cables. Just add two to your cart, and enter code 2KPDID5J.

If you got a fancy new TV for the holidays, this highly-rated Simbr mount will hang it on the wall for $20 today with promo code ALYM2G3D. This model can articulate in any direction, extend anywhere from 2"-16" from the wall, and hold any VESA-mountable TV from 17-55".

Want to see firsthand why people love Eneloop rechargeable batteries so much? This 8-pack of AAs is on sale for $16 on Amazon today, the best price we’ve ever seen. Even if you already have some, this is a great chance to add to your collection.

If the Eneloops sell out, the equivalent AmazonBasics pack is down to the same price. We can’t independently confirm this, but many reviewers claim that these are actually rebranded Eneloops; the fact that they’re both made in Japan and pre-charged with solar energy seems like quite a coincidence.

There’s been a lot of news this month, but by far the biggest headline has been that the PS4 is getting external hard drives with its next firmware update. If you need a spare to store all of your games, here’s a 2TB external from WD for $70, which is about as cheap as they ever get.

Despite its tiny size, the GoPro HERO5 Session includes 4K recording and voice commands just like its bigger sibling (though obviously, it lacks a touchscreen), and you can get it with a bonus $45 Amazon gift card today. That’s basically like getting the camera for $255, which is a tremendous price for a 4K-compatible action cam, let alone a tiny one.

Anker’s kevlar-reinforced PowerLine cables are far and away our readers’ top choice for charging their gadgets, and you can save on several models today, including some from the nylon-wrapped PowerLine+ collection. I use these cables every single day, and I’ve never had one fray or stop working. Just be sure to note the promo codes below.




There are lots of aluminum laptop stands out there, but this is the only one I’ve seen that can fold completely flat to fit in a backpack, and prop up your laptop at two different angles. Plus, at $26, its also cheaper than most alternatives.

If you haven’t experienced the simple pleasures of wireless headphones, the reader-favorite Anker SoundBuds are on sale for $24 right now, or about $6 less than usual. I used these for months until I got a set of AirPods for Christmas, and they’re fantastic.

Top Home Deals

A first aid kit is one of those things you should probably keep in your glove box, and you should definitely have at home, and at $12 for 299 pieces, there’s no excuse not to be prepared for minor accidents.

It includes bandages, gauze, medicines, an instant cold pack, and more, all tucked away in a refillable soft pack. You can thank us later.

You know those little jerky snack packs that cost like $6 each at the airport Hudson News? You can get nine of them for $12 on Amazon today when you clip the 15% coupon. I’ll be on the lookout for deals on floss too.

Little Giant Ladders are some of the most popular on the market, and you can get a 22' for $230 on Amazon today, about $60 less than usual. This thing can work as an A-frame ladder, an extension ladder, a 90 degree ladder, and even a stair ladder, making this one of the most versatile ways to get high.

If you’re having trouble staying warm and toasty while you sleep, one of Amazon’s Gold Box deals today is on down alternative duvet inserts from ExceptionalSheets. These comforters come in three sizes, have fantastic reviews, and are about $15 less than usual, today only.

No matter how great your kitchen knives are, they all need some tender loving care from time to time. This $8 Lansky BladeMedic includes two v-sharpeners, a fold-out sharpening rod, and a ceramic sharpening edge for serrated knives, all in a handheld package that can fit into any kitchen drawer.

This thing amazingly has a 4.6 star review average from over 3,000 customers, and it’s sold out within an hour both previous times we’ve posted it at this price, so I wouldn’t wait.

You guys have undoubtedly seen (and probably purchased) these magnetic smartphone vent mounts by now, but why buy a 2-pack? My advice: Keep one in your car, and one in your luggage, because these are awesome for rental cars, and also work as handy phone stands on airplane tray tables if you want to watch a movie.

If you’re ready to take the plunge into LED lighting, this 6-pack of higly-rated TCP soft white (2700K) bulbs is down to just $12 on Amazon right now, one of the best per-bulb prices we’ve ever seen. They aren’t dimmable, so you won’t want to put them in certain fixtures, but it’s a great bulk pack for filling out ceiling lights and lamps throughout your house.

Once you’ve got them, check to see if your local utility company offers rebates for purchasing LEDs. If so, it’s possible these could pay for themselves even quicker than they would otherwise.

Some people can’t live without their coffee, but for me, it’s fizzy water. While supplies last, you can get a SodaStream Source from Amazon for $80, complete with a small starter CO2 canister, and a mail-in rebate for a free full-sized starter canister. That’s the best price Amazon’s listed in over a year, and if you regularly buy soda or carbonated water at the store, it’ll pay for itself.

Motion-sensing night lights are great for stumbling to the bathroom at night, sure, but they also work wonders in dark closets and cabinets. Today on Amazon, you can grab three of them for just $12.

Dish drying racks take up a ton of space, especially if you don’t use them regularly, but this model from Veego rolls up for easy storage. Just unroll it across one side of your sink, and you’re ready do go. Use promo code 7EAWHJ4R at checkout to save $3.

Hooked on ice cream, but want to eat healthier? For $21, Magic Bullet’s Dessert Bullet will churn the frozen fruit of your choice into a sorbet-like cream, with no added sugar or fats. I doubt the result will taste quite as good as “real” sorbet, but it’ll sure be healthier.

Magnetic bars are without a doubt the coolest way to store your knives, and a solid wood model for only $25 is even better. Choose from three wood types (Cherry, Maple, and Walnut) or stick to plain stainless steel.

Anker, producer of a lot of your favorite charging gear, has its own line of flashlights now, and two different models are on sale today.

The cheaper LC40 model is IP65 dust and water resistant, but actually doesn’t include a rechargeable battery. However, you can run it on three AAAs or a single rechargeable 18650 battery, which is cheap and easy to find.

The next step up is far brighter (1300 lumens vs. 400), IP67 rated (meaning you can use it submerged in shallow water) and includes a rechargeable battery and a microUSB port for charging. Basically, it’s the only flashlight you need. $48 is $12 less than usual, and within $2 of the best deal we’ve ever seen.

If you haven’t replaced your metal spring mattress with a giant block of foam that you bought on the internet, what are you even doing with your life? Today only, Amazon’s marking Zinus 12" foam mattresses down to just $149-$349, with queens checking in at $229. Those are the best prices we’ve seen outside of a Gold Box deal last year.

It’s certainly a little scary buying a mattress sight unseen, but the Zinus boasts a 4.5 star review average from over 4,000 Amazon customers, so it might be worth the risk, at least for a guest room.

Like the idea of a Belkin WeMo Switch, but want something that won’t cover your other outlet? This TP-Link Smart Plug Mini is your answer, and its down to its best price ever.

Just like a WeMo switch, TP-Link’s Smart Plug Mini will let you turn appliances on and off from your smartphone, and set schedules to toggle them automatically. The only major feature it’s lacking is IFTTT support, but it will integrate with an Amazon Echo for voice control.

Anker’s home goods brand, Eufy, has put its new set of copper string lights back on sale today for their lowest price ever, complete with adjustable brightness and multiple effects. You guys bought thousands upon thousands of these things during the holidays last year, but if you need another set, you won’t want to miss this deal.

Top Lifestyle Deals

Just because you’re outdoors and/or floating on a body of water doesn’t mean you can’t have something comfortable to sit on. This $29 inflatable blob might not be the most comfortable piece of furniture you own, but it certainly beats sitting in the dirt. This particular model includes a water bottle holder and three side pockets.

It’s not spring, but it should be about time to do some cleaning out of your drawers. Get rid of those laundry-day-only undies in favor of something you’ll actually like wearing. If you missed out on the discount earlier this week, Aerie is giving you 10 undies for $35, no code needed.

Plus, if you don’t really need underwear, but still want to feel like you’re getting something new, bralettes are $15, bras are $25, and more stuff is marked down. It’s worth a little bit of a dig.

Sure, Levi’s makes some incredibly durable and comfortable jeans, but they also have some really great non-denim styles. Pick up $100+ worth of new spring items and get 25% off your entire order with the code SPRING25. Plus, all orders of $100 or more, get free shipping automatically. Who said spring cleaning couldn’t start with getting new stuff?

Safety razors require more skill and patience than typical razors, but will get you a better shave when used correctly. They’re also cheaper in the long run, especially when you can get a handle for just $8.

While you’re at it, pick up this chrome razor stand for $9. It also has a hook for your shaving brush.

Want an idea of just how affordable this is? Here’s 100 blades for $11.

Valentine’s Day is less than a week away and if you haven’t gotten anything for your partner, and if they’re a jewelry fan, this sale is all you. Grab diamond and precious stone pieces for a fraction of what you’d normally pay. Plus, there’s Prime shipping to help you feel a little better about waiting until the last minute.

Before you head out on your next long hike or camping trip, you might as well pick up this $5 survival “grenade.” Unwrap the nine feet of 550 pound paracord, and inside you’ll find tin foil, tinder, a flint rod, a knife, and even fishing equipment to help you live off the land.

Top Media Deals

If you’ve never subscribed to Google Play Music Unlimited, you can get a four month free trial right now, complete with a free YouTube Red membership, which gives you access to some exclusive content and (much more importantly) eliminates ads from YouTube videos.

You’ll need a credit card to access the trial, as it’ll automatically charge you after the four months are over, but you can cancel your account immediately, and still have access until the trial expires.

Top Gaming Deals

Apples to Apples is basically Cards Against Humanity, but family-friendly. Not a single Nazi card in the whole deck.

And yes, I know Apples to Apples came before CAH, don’t @ me.

If you’re one of the lucky few that managed to preorder a Nintendo Switch, and you’re a Prime member, you can have a copy of Breath of the Wild ready to go on day one for $48, rather than $60. Just note that you won’t see the discount until checkout.

If you’re in the market for a solid mid-range gaming headset on a budget, the Logitech G430 is down to $40 today, one of the best prices we’ve ever seen. That’s a bargain considering you get a noise-cancelling boom mic and Dolby 7.1 surround sound.

FTL is one of the best games you can play on your iPad, and that’s not just my opinion. If you own an iPad, it’s worth the usual $10, and it’s a complete no-brainer at $3.

Star Wars has a long and storied history with video game tie-ins, and a whole bunch of the best (and several of the not-best) PC titles are included in the latest Humble Bundle.

There’s definitely some filler here, but Knights of the Old Republic is a great inclusion in the base tier, while Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast and the Empire at War RTS series are also highlights. Just remember that certain titles only unlock when you hit minimum donation thresholds, and that a portion of the proceeds go to charity.