Nomad's Rugged Cables Have All Your USB-C Needs Covered [Updated]

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One cable to rule them all.

Update 2/26/27: Nomad has launched a pair of rugged USB-C cables, the higher-end of which is probably the most rugged 100W USB-C cable on the market. Both complement their USB-C/wireless charging hub well.

Nomad continues to impress us in both their innovation and craftsmanship. Their new Universal Cable features Micro-USB, Lightning, and USB-C, making it a great addition to your nightstand, everyday carry, or suitcase.


The Universal Cable is 1.5m long and made of braided ballistic nylon with a kevlar core. Not only is it compatible with all your devices, but RF shielding and a thicker gauge allow for faster syncing and charging respectively. The cable tie is built right in.

It’s not the only kevlar cable on the market of course, but it’s definitely the best rugged cable currently available that covers all three charging standards.

It also isn’t USB-C on its opposite end, meaning you won’t be able to take advantage of full-speed charging through something like our favorite Wall Charger for your MacBook.

Compatibility and durability make the Universal Cable a great gift and an easy recommendation for pretty much anyone. Even if it doesn’t cover 100% of your use cases, it’ll be a great addition to your arsenal.