Log off Forever With up To 40% off DeleteMe

DeleteMe won’t take you off the grid completely, but it’s a good first step, and right now it’s up to 40% off.

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40% off 2-Year Plan | DeleteMe

Tired of having your personal info shared with data brokers and telemarketing companies? There’s an app for that. For a nominal monthly fee, DeleteMe will completely wipe your presence from any and all data websites without asking you to do anything on your end. Revered for its exceptional customer service, affordable pricing, and overall effectiveness, DeleteMe is perhaps the most reliable method of removing yourself from the internet. And now it’s on sale for up to 40% off depending on which plan you choose.

While the 1-year, single-person plan is still listed at full price, those seeking an option supporting up to four people will save the most—40% off for the 2-year plan, bringing your grand total to $499 or $21 a month. If you only need coverage for one or two people, those plans are also on sale, albeit at smaller discounts. You can browse the whole selection on the DeleteMe website.

DeleteMe comes recommended by Lifehacker’s Thorin Klosowski and Emily Long who, in a guide to removing yourself from the internet, said the service “will help get rid of everything that comes in search results, but it will not remove your data completely. As long as information like your address and phone number are registered somewhere in public records (and they are, unfortunately), people will be able to find you. But opting out of background checks, public records, and people search engines just makes that personal data harder to track down.”

Take the first step toward going off the grid and save on DeleteMe before things get worse. Considering the state of data privacy, it’s all downhill from here.