It's Not a Trap! It's the New Star Wars x Levi's Collection.

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Star Wars x Levi’s Collection
Star Wars x Levi’s Collection
Image: Levi’s

The Force is strong with Levi’s latest collection. Released today, the Star Wars x Levi’s collab transports wearers to a galaxy far, far away with jackets, jeans, tees, and accessories emblazoned will all your favorite, out-of-this-world quotes and graphics.

A few stand-out items: Galaxy-print jeans featuring none other than the Death Star, an on-trend fanny pack, and a very paternal Darth Vader tee. I also have a good feeling about this denim jacket with “I have a bad feeling about this” embroidered along the arms and back.

Not to mention, there are several items in the collection that are customizable, so you can finally bestow the title of Jedi Master upon yourself. So shop now, and be sure to steer clear of the dark side.