Free Up Your Hard Drive With a TransferCloud Premium Lite: Lifetime Subscription for 92% Off

Back up all your important files to the cloud with this lifetime TransferCloud Premium Lite subscription for just $79.

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TransferCloud Premium Lite: Lifetime Subscription | $79 | StackSocial

If you’re the type of person who routinely runs out of hard drive space, you might want to seriously consider deleting some things. Or you can pick up a lifetime subscription to TransferCloud Premium Lite. You can snag one for just $79 right now at StackSocial, which is a whopping 92% off. This file transfer service lets you download files directly to the cloud and bypass your hard drive entirely. That includes your Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, and other cloud accounts. You can download two files at once, queue up to five, and you get unlimited bandwidth. You can just skip your physical drive and start being a cloud person now. Sounds like a good plan, but you might want to still save important things, like your tax return, to a physical location. The cloud isn’t completely secure, so just, you know, watch your back and be safe. But you should still grab this deal. It could change your life if you’re downloading a lot of stuff, like, say, MIDI files of classic TV theme songs all day and night.