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Exuvius: Your James Bond Aspirations Within Reach

The $150 set of magnetic cufflinks you’ve been waiting for.


The massively expensive Double Agent Magnetic Cufflink Collection includes the cufflinks themselves, along with six sets of interchangeable caps to better match your outfit.

The cufflinks themselves have storage for emergency buttons (also included), or whatever else you can dream up, and their reverse half has a scorpion logo you’ll want to scratch off. If you just want the “button storage”, you can get that for fifty bucks, and there are also additional caps available starting at $30.

If you’re trying to talk yourself out of these, I’m sorry to tell you that in practice, they’re awesome. They work perfectly, are easy to use, and look great. Snapping them together is really satisfying, and they’re more intuitive and feel much more secure than a standard pair of cufflinks.

Still here? Great. How about some titanium TSA-friendly multitool collar stays, complete with half-phillips screwdriver, slotted screwdriver, thread cutter, and bottle opener?

These things are damn cool, lightweight, and serve (all) their purposes, the question is just whether your shirt can handle them.


Seriously though, the standard lengths were too long for my Twillory shirts, so double check before buying.


Editor Emeritus, The Inventory