Don't You Step on Greats' Blue (or Black, or Green, or Burgundy) Suede Shoes

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Greats Royale Suede, $179
Greats Royale Suede, $179
Image: Greats

Greats’ Royale sneaker has made appearances in everything from wool, to nylon, to knit—even pony hair! But now, finally, the classic shoe is making is debut in a very suave-looking suede style for men and women.

The limited-edition Royale Suede comes with a neutral gum sole and a luxe Italian suede upper. Guys can score a pair in either Navy, Black, or Moss, while the women’s version is available in Black and Wine. Men’s styles feature a nubuck heel tab, while the ladies get maximum shine with a metallic tab.


Appropriately, autumn was practically made for suede, so be sure to snap up this fall-ready footwear for $179 now.