Your Grandparents Will Appreciate These Nixplay Digital Picture Frames, Now Up to $40 Off

It's a good thing digital picture frames exist, because what else would we give relatives this time of year?

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Up to $40 Off Nixplay Digital Picture Frames | Amazon

Not sure what to get that grandparent or great-uncle for the holidays this year? Allow me to suggest one of these Nixplay Digital Picture Frames, currently up to $40 off at Amazon. Both models are Wi-Fi enabled, allowing you to drop whatever photo collections you’d like, whenever you’d like to add them, via e-mail or app. They’re also motion-sensing and can be paired with Amazon Alexa; just ask your picture frame to show you Collection X from its storage, and it will. Isn’t that nuts? You can save $40 on the 15-inch Smart Frame and $32 on the 10-inch Touch Screen Smart Frame. I would say get them now, before your sibling has the same idea.