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Your Feet Will Thank You When You Buy a Pair of These Adidas Slides

Adidas Comfort Sandals, $30
Adidas Comfort Sandals, $30
Graphic: Ana Luisa Suarez

For something everyone loves, sandal slides don’t get much respect.

Sure, people have them, but there’s no consensus on their value. They’re essential, yet ignored. Ratty, summer-camp slides linger beyond their expiration dates under beds worldwide, smells cooked in.

Still, wearing slides doesn’t have to be a defeat. It can be a celebration.

The Adidas Comfort Sandal proves it.

First, let me address the price: at $35 (now $30!) you can find cheaper slides on the internet. But you can’t find a better value.


See, the Adidas Comfort Sandal does several things right. The first, most noticeable feature is how thick they are: they’re made for comfortable wearing and more than sturdy enough to support a stroll outside, an invaluable feature for anyone faced with the dilemma of getting cozy at home and wanting to run a small errand.

Pajamas and these slides make a walk to the local bodega easy, comfortable, and accessible. Get that candy bar. You deserve it.

While these sandals are strong enough for external living, they’re also comfortable enough to feel more like slippers than anything else. These slides offer easy-to-wear comfort with something called “Cloudfoam Plus” for a super-soft yet supported feel.

Here’s another perk I noticed: the band of the sandal itself is generously wide and soft, with a contoured footbed preventing the weird edge-of-the-foot chafing that comes standard with lesser slides.

Finally, while the feel is unrivaled, the quality superb, and the durability unquestioned, they also look damn nice: I got this pair in White/Silver Metallic/Grey, and the sheer coolness of these sandals make me 20% less embarrassing than I would be otherwise.


So: treat yourself and get the slides that deserve to be worn, all f or less than half the price of an inexpensive shoe.

Your feet will thank you.

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