Your Picks For Best White T-Shirt: Target and Everlane

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The white t-shirt search is one known by many women, and it seems that two have risen above the rest from this week’s Kinja Co-Op: the buy-in-bulk option of Target’s Ultimate Scoop-Neck Tee and the on-trend Everlane Cotton V following a very, very close second.

  • Target’s Ultimate Scoop-Neck Tee |$9
  • Everlane Cotton V | $15

The white t-shirt is really the white whale of women’s fashion. Some people spend their whole lives searching, only to be bombarded by overpriced fabric and sheer tees. It really shouldn’t be this hard to find a damn good shirt, but alas. Here’s what you had to say:

Everlane white relaxed fit cotton v-neck t-shirts can be purchased here. They are $15 dollars, made and milled in Los Angles. There’s also is a variety of different styles of t-shirts. - loveless

I realized yesterday while reorganizing my closet that all my solid v-necks are Target or Everlane, but when it comes time to grab a tee I always grab a Target tee because I like the drape so much more. I just keep buying Everlane tees because it’s so much more responsible. - CEFADlovah

Uh, actually, my favorite is Target’s Ultimate Scoop-Neck Tee. It’s not see- through, it’s soft, and it’s got a nice stretch to it. - many bells down wears many stupid hats


At $9 and $15, and the promise of not being see-through, either of these options are great. If you’re the kind of person that likes to have multiples, go for the Target ones, since there’s a 3-for-$24 deal. But even at $15, I think if you’re into the sustainability of a company like Everlane, it’s worth the “splurge.”