You Can Discretely Loosen This Ratcheting Belt When You Sit Down For a Big Meal

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Smart Belt 3.0 | Kickstarter
Gif: Kickstarter

While it’s not the only ratcheting belt on the market, the new Smart Belt 3.0 on Kickstarter offers unparalleled adjustability, durability, and customizability.

The Smart Belt 3.0 is available in six different types of full grain, vegetable tanned Italian leather (three colors, all available in standard and “gator” grains), all of which have a kevlar core for added strength. You can also mix and match your belt with any of the system’s six buckle designs for 36 possible combinations. Interestingly, the belt comes in one size, and you cut one end to fit your waist. If you want a little extra room to grow, you can leave more length, or if you want as little excess material as possible, that’s your prerogative.

Once you’ve cut the belt with a heavy duty set of scissors, you attach the buckle with one firm of a lever (once it was on, I tried my damndest to pull it off without opening the lever, and couldn’t), feed the other end through the buckle, and pull to ratchet it shut at any of 32 tightly-spaced ratcheting points. A hidden release button the underside of the buckle lets you discreetly loosen the belt by a notch or two when you sit down or have a big meal, and a quick tug can tighten it back up when needed. Truly a revelation.

With a few days left on its Kickstarter run, the Smart Belt 3.0 has already raised $1,000,000, and you can preorder the belt of your choice for $59.