Go Truly Wire-Free With These $36 Bluetooth Headphones

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If you love the idea of AirPods or Bragis, but can’t stomach their price tags, Axgio’s Dash wireless headphones are down to an all-time low $36 with promo code 4UEOAIDP, while supplies last.

That’s one of the best prices we’ve ever seen on a pair of truly wireless headphones. I’ve actually tried these myself, and they really do work surprisingly well. Obviously, they aren’t as seamless as AirPods, but it’s tough to complain at less than 25% of the price.

The big thing you’ll be missing out on here is a charging case. The buds themselves run for an impressive eight hours at a time, but you’ll have to plug each one in individually with a microUSB cable (it comes with a special cable with two plugs, but it’s very short). That’s a far cry from the convenience of a charging case, but again, they’re $36.

Don’t mind wires? Here are four other options for $21 or less.

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