Amazon Prime Day Prime Day 2019 - Speculating About Dates

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By following clear sets of rules, one could determine the dates for pretty much every major holiday for every year on the calendar until the sun envelops the earth. But Prime Day, being a recently created, totally fabricated marketing event that nonetheless results in more Amazon sales than the slightly-less-fabricated Black Friday and Cyber Monday, is a bit of an enigma.

Even if we don’t know the exact date, we can make an educated guess based on previous years.

  • 2015: The first Prime Day was on July 15, a Wednesday.
  • 2016: Prime Day fell on July 12, a Tuesday.
  • 2017: Prime Day began at 9PM ET on Monday, July 10, and ran through Tuesday, July 11 (ending at midnight PT), for a total of 30 hours.
  • 2018: Prime Day started six hours earlier, at 3PM ET on Monday, July 16, running for 36 hours through Tuesday, July 17.

So if we had to guess, we’d expect Prime Day to start even earlier in the day—possibly noon ET—on Monday, July 15 in 2019, and run all the way through the following day. However, if Amazon follows the 2017 pattern and starts Prime Day on the second Monday of July, rather than the third as they did in 2018, it would fall on July 8-9. That would be an earlier start than any prior Prime Day, so our money’s still on July 15-16, but who knows? It’s Amazon’s fake holiday, and they make the rules.

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