What's Your Favorite Cash-Back Credit Card?

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Photo: Josh Appel (Unsplash)

Over the past few weeks, we’ve asked you about your favorite airline and hotel-branded credit cards, but what if you don’t want to tie yourself to a particular travel company? Or just don’t travel enough to make them worth it? A simple cash-back credit card might be for you.

Generally speaking, these cards give you a percentage of your spend back, which you can apply as a statement credit. That percentage often varies by purchase category, but the point is that you don’t have to use your points to book flights, and you can’t transfer them to a hotel chain. Your points are essentially cash, and nothing but cash. They’re not necessarily as rewarding as travel cards, but they’re a lot simpler to understand.


So check out the rules below, then head down to the comments to nominate your pick.

1) Your nomination should contain the name of a specific cash-back credit card, why you think it’s the best, and an image.

2) Vote by starring someone else’s nomination.

3) Please do not duplicate nominations.