What's the Best In-Person Tabletop RPG?

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Image: Lucas Santos (Unsplash)

Many of us during this past year have made the switch to hosting our Dungeons & Dragons games and other RPGs online over video calls or dedicated services like Roll20. Though as we seem to be reaching the light at the end of the tunnel, people are feeling more comfortable going out and seeing their friends and family in person and thus a return to tabletop RPGs on an actual table. My group and I are already making arrangements to book a cabin for an extended weekend of nonstop gaming—hoping to play our favorites and dip our toes into something new.

We pose the question to you, our readers. What are your favorite tabletop RPGs for in-person hangouts? Which are the ones that really shine when face-to-face in which playing over Zoom simply doesn’t do them justice? There is just something special about the dice rolling center table and hitting a natural 20. Everyone lifts from their seats and cheers loudly without the worry about someone’s mic clipping in your ear.

We’re thankful for the online services that have helped keep our games going since last March, but as some of us venture back to our in-person games, what are some of the best we should all be picking up to play. What are the kits and books you should pick up to get started Let us know!

Rules being no stranger to us tabletop RPG fanatics, here are some quick ones for nominations.

1) Your nomination should contain the name of a specific tabletop starter kits and books, why you think it’s the best, a link where it can be purchased, and an image.

2) You can nominate multiple products, but please put each one in a separate comment.

3) Vote by starring someone else’s nomination.