What is the Best Accessory for Cloud Gaming on Mobile?

Keep your handheld console protected on-the-go with, you know, a case.

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With the rise of Game Pass and xCloud as well as Steam Link and PS Remote Play, cloud and remote gaming is finally carving a space for itself where its becoming a feasible option. We may not be quite there for quick reflex driven competitive shooters due to the effect even the slightest amount of lag can have, but visual novels, RPGs, or really any solo experiences are a treat to be able to play on mobile. I find myself using xCloud even more often that I thought I would and sometimes right in my own living room in front of the Xbox on which I could be playing instead. I guess I just enjoy getting a few Slay the Spire runs in while Tony describes the ducks in his pool to Dr. Melfi.

Though, cloud gaming is only so good with just your phone. The experience is really enhanced with various accessories whether its a Switch-styled controller that wraps around your phone screen, a clip to hold up your phone and play with your regular Xbox or PlayStation controller, or even a specific headset so you don’t bother your partner on the couch who is trying to hear that rerun on Modern Family.

With that said, have you at all tried cloud gaming on your phone? Did you get anything to enhance the experience? What are some must-have accessories if someone is planning to start playing games remotely on their phone? Let us know in the comments.

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