Wake Up To Delicious Toast with the Bella Digital Toaster, Now $30 Off

Great days start with great, crispy bread with plenty of tasty jam.

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Bella Digital Toaster | $40 | Best Buy
Bella Digital Toaster | $40 | Best Buy
Graphic: Brittany Vincent

Bella Digital Toaster | $40 | Best Buy

What’s the secret to a great morning? Part of it can be owed to delicious toast. Don’t underestimate the power of a tasty piece of golden brown bread at the breakfast table.

But if you want consistently tasty toast every day, you’re going to need the right equipment to make it. That’s where the Bella 4-Slice Digital Toaster comes in. You can have it work its magic on a daily basis for you for just $40, which is $30 off its regular price of $70 at Best Buy.

This ain’t your mama’s toaster. It can handle four slices at a time, thanks to its 1800-watt toasting system and dual 7-setting controls to give you a yummy, all-over toast on everything from sliced bread to bagels. Most importantly, it ditches the archaic notions of toasters we know from the past for a more space age configuration: a touch screen that displays a toasting countdown timer, various settings, and a very cool look that makes this toaster feel like something out of the Jetsons’ playbook.

With a stainless steel exterior, removable crumb tray, and auto shutoff feature so you can rest assured when you leave home this appliance won’t burn the house down, this Bella toaster (or one of our other picks for the best toaster ovens around) is one great way to have a good morning.