Uniqlo Upped Its Down Game By Eliminating Seams

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Uniqlo’s Ultra Light Down jackets and vests have long been an affordable entry point into the wide world of puffers, but the company’s new Seamless Down line looks to be a big step up in quality, at a price.

Available in both coats and parkas (sorry, no hoodless options yet), the Seamless Down collection has-you guessed it—-no visible seams on the outside. The down is still arranged in puffy pockets, but all the stitching is on the inside of the jacket, which helps with wind and water resistance, but mostly just looks really cool. Uniqlo also promises enhances water resistance coatings, aluminum linings for added heat retention, and adjustable hems on some models so you can customize your silhouette.

Uniqlo’s Ultra Light Down pieces are still available for around $50-$80, but the Seamless Downs are going to set you back $130-$180, at which point you’re in Eddie Bauer MicroTherm territory, though still looking at a far smaller bill than you would for the reader-favorite Mountain Hardwear Ghost Whisperer. By Uniqlo standards, it’s a lot to spend, but the company consistently offers great quality for the price, and for my money, this is one of their best looking garments to date.