Today's Best Deals: Household Essentials, Textbooks, Munchkin, and More

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Household essentials, Munchkin: Marvel Edition, and $15 off textbooks lead off Friday’s best deals.

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Top Deals

On a typical day, Amazon will run highly discounted Gold Box deals on a handful of diverse and unrelated products. But today, for whatever reason, they’re all about cleaning supplies.

Do you use toilet paper, dishwasher detergent, trash and sandwich bags, soap, and/or laundry detergent? If the answer is yes (please let it be yes), then you may as well stock up today, because these prices are great, and they’ll save you a trip to the store too.

Note: Many of these deals offer additional savings if you use Subscribe & Save. It’ll take longer to get your order, but you can cancel the subscription after your first delivery.

We see a lot of deals on Eneloop AA batteries, but your collection isn’t complete without those pesky AAAs, and today Amazon will sell you a 12-pack for $20, an all-time low.

The propane-powered Pizzacraft Pizzeria Pronto pizza oven is ideal for backyard barbecues and tailgates, and Amazon’s taking a whopping $101 off today.

The Pronto hooks up to any propane tank, and reaches temperatures of up to 700 degrees, resulting in crispy crust and melted cheese, all in just five minutes. The oven almost always sells for $300, and today’s $199 deal is the first discount Amazon’s offered in 2016.

It goes without saying that you can get a 20,100mAh USB battery pack for less than $56, but with this deal, you truly get what you pay for.

One of the biggest problems with large battery packs is that they take forever to recharge once you’ve used them. RAVPower solved this though by adding Quick Charge 3.0 input, and including a QC 3.0 wall charger in the box. That means you can refill this massive battery from 0 to 100% in just five hours, which is insane.

As far as outputs go, you also get a Quick Charge 3.0 port for your newer Android phones, a 2.4 A standard USB port, and even a USB-C port which can pull double duty as a second input. All told, this is one of the most advanced battery packs we’ve ever seen, and if you own newer devices, it could be worth the price premium.

If you missed out on last Friday’s short-lived sale, KitchenAid’s gorgeous copper cookware set is back down to $200 today. So go ahead, put these on display in your kitchen and announce to the world that you have your shit together.

Nikon’s D3300 is a great choice for your first DSLR, and you can pick up a refurb plus a kit lens for just $329 on BuyDig’s eBay storefront today. That’s over $200 less than buying it new on Amazon.

To get the most out of this setup though, you’ll want to spend the money you saved on this 35mm f/1.8 prime lens. If you’re coming from the world of smartphone photography, this lens will blow you away, especially in low light.

If CVS is your pharmacy of choice, this discounted gift card is essentially free money.

If you have any old hard drives laying around, or if you just want to build a super-fast external SSD to store your files, this 2.5" enclosure can convert a bare storage device into a portable external drive in seconds. Plus, $8 is the best price we’ve ever seen on a model that supports UASP, which enables faster transfer speeds when using an SSD.

We see the Fitbit Charge HR for $100 pretty frequently, and occasionally for $90, but $86 is practically unheard of, as long as you don’t mind an open box.

Look, I’ve got nothing against toaster ovens. I own a fancy one, and I use it all the time. But the fact is, even a cheap slot toaster produces better toast than the best oven, just by virtue of being a unitasker. So if you take your morning toast seriously, this $21 Cuisinart is cheaper than ever on Amazon today.

While they might not conform to the classic look of our favorite chef’s knives, this Cuisinart Advantage knife set is anything but dull (get it?). You can own the whole collection today for just $16, within a dollar of an all-time low price.

Don’t let the colors fool you, these knives are stainless steel, and extremely sharp. The set has a 4.6 star Amazon review average on over 2,600 reviews, and while the colors might not seem like your thing, they do help you keep track and avoid cross-contaminating food while you use them.

The new Doom game is...exactly what you’d expect it to be, which is mostly a good thing. If it’s been on your wishlist, Amazon’s knocked it down to $20 today for Xbox One, and PS4, an all-time low.

The Last of Us wasn’t even a PS4 game originally, but its remaster is still one of Kotaku’s 12 must-play games on the console, and you can grab a copy for just $13 today. If you don’t own it, this is a no-brainer.

One of the best card games you probably haven’t heard of has a Marvel edition, and it’s marked down to an all-time low $18 today. If you aren’t familiar, Munchkin is a little bit like D&D, but much more approachable and silly, and this version would be a great gift for the Marvel fan in your life, even if that person is yourself.

Nobody ever has enough power outlets or USB charging ports around their house, but this Aukey surge protector can solve both problems at once. Just use code POWER789 to get it for $17.

Even by Mpow’s standards, $10 for a set of Bluetooth earbuds is cheap. Your next phone might not have a headphone jack, so you might as well get used to using these. Just be sure to use promo code 4TWI2DK9 at checkout.

Strip lights can add dramatic accents to the undersides of cabinets and furniture, and this 16' strip from OxyLED can also glow in 20 different colors to fit your mood or decor.

If 16' is too long, you can cut this strip after every third light without damaging it. And if it isn’t long enough, you can daisy chain multiple strips together with these inexpensive connectors.

Lodge’s 3.5" cast iron skillet is freakin’ adorable, and worth $4 for that alone, in my opinion. If you insist on actually using it though, it’s perfect for homemade pizookies, or single eggs.

We see a lot of deals on IR thermometers, but the Etekcity Lasergrip has been one of the most popular through the yaers. These things are perfect for everything from cooking to finding heating and air conditioning leaks in your house, but more importantly, they’re just a ton of fun to mess around with.

There have been many a sale at the high-end home and kitchen good retailers Williams-Sonoma, Pottery Barn, and West Elm. And while 20% off a $1,500 bed is nice and all, this sale is about to blow that out of the water. All three retailers are slashing prices at ridiculous proportions. You’re gonna save hundreds on all the kitchen and home goods you’ve been eyeing.

Click here to see our picks for the best deals from each retailer.

Update: Sold out at $14, sorry!

ExOfficio’s Give-N-Go boxer briefs were a finalist in our recent best men’s underwear Co-Op, and our readers have gone on to purchase over 20,000 pairs since. They drop down to $15 with some regularity, but rarely any lower, so it’s a good day to stock up. That’s still pricey for a single pair of underwear, but reviewers say it’s worth it.

Note: This deal only seems to be available in black.

Timberland may be best known for their classic Wheat and Black waterproof boots, but they also make a surprising amount of other offerings that you don’t need to work construction to appreciate. And with 25% off select fall styles, your boots will be made for walkin’ and a lot more.

Note: Discounted price is reflected when you add your item to the cart. Everything that’s 25% off is labeled.

If you’re going to buy your textbooks on Amazon anyway this year, be sure to use promo code TEXT15 at checkout to save $15 on any $100 order (shipped and sold by That’s a drop in the bucket for a semester’s worth of books, but it’s still $15 more to spend on Natty Ice or ramen or (insert favorite stereotype here).

Update: Back in stock!

Brown Sugar Cinnamon and Strawberry are the only Pop-Tart flavors you should associate with, and you can get 16 of each for under $5 today on Amazon. Just be sure to use Subscribe & Save and clip the 25% coupon.

Anker, purveyor of your favorite battery packs, charging cables, and Bluetooth speakers, also makes your favorite LED desk lamps, and one of the most popular models is on sale today.

The Anker Lumos lamp includes four different lighting temperatures for different times of the day, as well as five dimming modes, and even a 2A USB charging port for your phone or tablet. For a limited time, promo code AGGZWXWR will knock a few bucks off the Lumos, bringing it down to $37. That’s not a huge discount, but if you need one for back-to-school system, it’s as good a lamp as you’ll find.

You know the little charging brick that came with your phone? Throw it out, and spend $7 on this replacement from Aukey (with code NH6DTSM2). It’s basically the same size as Apple’s standard iPhone charger, but it includes two ports, folding prongs, and 2.4A of current (instead of 1A) to charge your devices faster.

Normally, TUMI luggage will run you into the $500s and even more. But with Nordstrom Rack’s sale, you can get your own TUMI carry on, backpack, messenger bag, and luggage for hundreds off list price. I’m not talking a couple hundred, here. You could stand to save almost $400 on certain styles.

VIZIO’s M-series was the most popular line of TVs around the holiday season last year, and now, the 60" model is down to an all-time low $800 on Jet, with extra savings available for certain customers.

While the 2016 M-series TVs got HDR and tablet remotes, it’s tough to beat the prices on the remaining 2015 stock. If you’ve never used Jet before, you can also save an extra $50 with promo code SHOP10, or anyone can use TRIPLE15 to save $30 (maximum of three uses). Unfortunately, they don’t stack.

If you’re sick of broken zippers and torn fabric on your luggage, Samsonite’s S’Cure 28" spinner might be the answer.

Featuring an integrated latch and TSA-approved lock, the S’Cure is basically 100% polycarbonate, meaning there’s no fabric, and no zipper. It sells for $164 on Amazon, with fantastic user reviews, but you can pick one up from BuyDig for an all-time low $129 right now with promo code BTS35.

Life’s too short to vacuum every other day, but luckily, you can pawn that tedious chore off to a Roomba, and the excellent 770 model is marked down to $400 today on Amazon, within $25 of an all-time low.

I got this exact model about half a year ago, and I absolutely love it. While it does require a bit of babysitting from time to time, I hardly ever need to pull out my upright vacuum, and yet the floors always feel clean.

If you’ve had your eye on Brother’s excellent monochrome laser printers, but don’t need a scanner or wireless networking, you can pick up a barebones 2320D for just $50 today.

While it lacks some of the fancier features of higher end Brother printers, it’s got the important ones: Automatic duplex printing, 30 pages per minute, and affordable toner that doesn’t dry out like an Inkjet cartridge.

Today only on Amazon, you can drink deep from the discount spring with the $4 off the LifeStraw personal water filter today. If you aren’t familiar, these allow you to sip directly from basically any source of fresh water you find in nature. Hopefully you never need one, but if you like to spend time outdoors, it’s worth keeping one in your bag.

There are lots of aluminum laptop stands out there, but this is the only one I’ve seen that can fold completely flat to fit in a backpack, and prop up your laptop at two different angles. Plus, at $28, its also cheaper than most alternatives.

If your movie theater of choice is operated by Regal, this discounted gift card essentially amounts to ten free dollars. In most cities, that’s like a free ticket!

Giant plugs that block other outlets should be illegal, but until President Trump nukes all of the offenders, this swiveling surge protector from Belkin might be your only recourse. There are some surge protectors out that only feature a few pivoting outlets, or that build multiple outlets onto a single hinge, but this one features eight outlets that can all move independently. Brilliant.

If you still have any trips to the beach planned this summer, don’t leave home without a waterproof smartphone dry bag. Even if you don’t use it to take underwater photos, it’ll still keep your expensive smartphone safe from sand and splashes, and this one even has a compass, for some reason.

Stick-anywhere LED lights are great for lighting up closets, cabinets, and dark hallways at night, and you won’t find a better deal than three motion-sensing models for $13. Just be sure to use promo code UQCY554H.





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