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If you demand a lot out of your Bluetooth speakers, this discounted Aukey SoundTank might be just what you’re looking for.

Very few Bluetooth speakers can run for 30 hours on a charge, nevermind ones that cost $35. This model is also splash-proof, and features dual 5W drivers, meaning it should be loud enough for most occasions indoors or out. Just be sure to use promo code AUKEYSK9 at checkout to save $5.


You don’t need it for another few weeks, but you can save on a holiday landscape laser light by buying it early.

If you aren’t familiar, these genius little gadgets use lasers to project red and green lights onto the front of your house, giving the appearance of holiday spirit without the hassle of actually hanging up outdoor lights. Last year was the first time they were widely available, but they were almost impossible to find, and consistently cost $40-$50. So yes, this deal is a bit ahead of schedule, but it never hurts to plan ahead.

These pocket-sized USB battery packs won’t win any price-per-mAh awards, but they each have a unique feature to justify their price premiums.

The $25 OLALA includes a built-in Lightning cable for iPhone owners, in addition to a USB port for your other devices, while the $14 Jackery Pop Slim is just about the thinnest battery pack you’ve ever seen, despite packing in enough juice to give any phone a full charge. Just be sure to note the promo codes below.

If you travel with any regularity, this versatile little gadget may just be your new best friend. At first glance, it looks like any other USB battery pack, but it’s actually four gadgets in one:

Today on Amazon, you can knock $8 off the price of the gadget with promo code BDXJHPHF. We aren’t sure how many they have in stock, or how long the promo code will last, so I’d act fast if you’re interested.

One of the only downsides of cast iron pans is that they can be a nightmare to clean, but this 4.8 star-rated chainmail scrubber can scrape away caked-on food without hurting your seasoning, or resorting to soap. No wonder a similar item is in our bestsellers club. Today’s $8 deal isn’t on the brand we usually post, but it’s the best price we’ve ever seen on an item like this.

We’ve posted a handful of Halloween candy discounts over the past few weeks, but this 35% off coupon is one of the best we’ve seen. Note: Discount shown at checkout.

You might have a bathroom scale at home that works just fine for weighing luggage when you’re leaving town, but this hanging scale is small enough to take with you, so you can make sure you won’t get dinged for all of those heavy souvenirs on your return trip. All it has to do is save you from an overweight baggage fee once, and it will have paid for itself several times over.

Brexit must really be taking its toll, because this LEGO Buckingham Palace model is $14 less than usual today on Amazon. Just be sure to keep a stiff upper lip if you step on one of the pieces barefoot.

A Toys R Us gift card could come in handy in the coming months as you start your holiday gift shopping, and PayPal’s eBay storefront will send you a $50 card for just $40, while supplies last.

The fiesta colors won’t be welcome in every kitchen, but these Cambridge Silversmiths utensils are all marked down to great low prices in today’s Amazon Gold Box. Options range from knife sets to cutting boards to baking gear, so head over to Amazon to find deals in every color of the rainbow.

PUMA’s not-so-private Private Sale is full of shoes, activewear, and loungewear for up to 75% off. Whether you’re looking to expand your sneaker collection, or just really need a new pair of leggings, with prices like these, there’s no excuse not to pounce on whatever you’re hunting for.

The market is littered with beautiful, minimal laptop stands from accessory design shops, but no matter how much you love yours, there’s no guarantee that your next laptop will fit properly. That’s where the iQunix Edin comes in.

At first blush, the Eden looks like any other aluminum, Apple-centric laptop stand. But its secret is a knob that adjusts the dock’s width, meaning no matter what laptop you happen to own at the moment (as long as it’s between 0.4 and 1.18 inches thick), it’ll fit like a glove. For a limited time, you can save $6 on yours with promo code RB4EJH2Y.

Unlike this week’s earlier gadget repair kit deal, this 54-bit screwdriver kit doesn’t include a suction cup or spudgers, so it’s not ideal for smartphones. That said, it includes just about every bit you could ever need for most laptop repairs, and also a detachable snake attachment for use in tight corners.

Corsair’s Sabre gaming mouse packs in all the features you could want, but without looking like a piece that fell off of Optimus Prime. $40 gets you eight programmable buttons, a 10,000 DPI sensor, four-zone custom backlighting, and Omron mechanical switches. Even if you aren’t using it exclusively for gaming, that’s a great package for the price.

Most modern cars have some form tire pressure monitoring built in, but you don’t need to buy a new vehicle to enjoy this feature; you just need this $65 Aukey system. Comprised of a wireless receiver that plugs into your car’s DC outlet and four special tire caps, it monitors your tires in real time, and alerts you if one is getting too low.

The Logitech G930 Wireless 7.1 was one of your favorite gaming headsets, and one of the most affordable 7.1 surround models you can buy. If you’re in the market, $70 is within a couple bucks of the best price we’ve seen.

Update: Sold out

It’s a law of nature that the Brita pitcher in your fridge is aways basically empty, but you’ll never find yourself short of fresh, purified water with this $15 Brita On Tap. That’s within a few cents of an all-time low, so gulp down this deal before it sells out.

There’s not much to say about this deal, except that it’s the best price we’ve seen on a USB car charger with two Quick Charge 3.0 ports. The vast majority of QC chargers only include one fast-charging port, but with this model, you and your traveling companion can both enjoy the fastest possible charging speeds.

Want to see firsthand why people love Eneloop rechargeable batteries so much? This 8-pack of AAs is on sale for $20 on Amazon today, and while they’ve been lower on a few occasions, this is the best price we’ve seen in over a month.

It’s time to start thinking about getting back outside for a run, now that the heat has slowly dissipated. A new pair of running shoes was probably on the back of your mind anyway, so why not grab these $23 FILA 3A Capacity Running Shoes? Save yourself some foot pain and some wallet pain.

Foam rollers are great for soothing aching muscles, and $21 gets you a 13" hollow core and solid core roller today. One even nests inside the other for easy storage and carrying. I’d say that’s a better use of your money than 15 minutes at a massage parlor.


Whether you’ve somehow missed out on Overwatch up to this point, or just love it so much that you want the visual sourcebook, the soundtrack, and that Soldier: 76 statue, the collector’s edition is down to an all-time low $80 today on PS4 or Xbox One. Use code SAVER at checkout for free shipping.

If you haven’t gotten on board with Canadian retailer Joe Fresh, you’re missing out on quality, affordable basics. And even though they’re already priced to sell, the Nordstrom Rack event has knocked off even more. Everything is under $50, with sweaters for only $24, dresses for $17, and tees for $13.

It’s no secret that Anker makes some of your favorite charging gear, and this week, you can save a few bucks on the company’s fast-charging Qi pad, plus a variety of USB charging hubs.

All of the deals are listed below, just be sure to note the promo codes.

If you have any travel planned in the next few months, or just feel like getting away for a few days, JetBlue is taking 30% off all base fares with promo code BIG30, today only.

The deal is valid on flights from October 26 to December 15, excluding Sunday flights, and flights that don’t originate in the U.S. Click here for all the terms and conditions, then use this link to book. Don’t forget the code!

Wi-Fi range extenders can’t work miracles, but if there’s one spot in your house with spotty coverage, they can be a much cheaper solution than buying a new router. So at $25, why not give this one a try? That’s within $5 of an all-time low.

Mpow’s Magneto Bluetooth earbuds look a lot nicer than the uber-popular Swifts, and at $15, they’re not any more expensive. They even pause your music automatically when you snap the two magnetic earbuds together.

Mpow Magneto Bluetooth Headphones, $15 with code O25AOGSO

Mpow’s Magneto Bluetooth earbuds look a lot nicer than the uber-popular Swifts, and at $15, they’re not any more expensive. They even pause your music automatically when you snap the two magnetic earbuds together.

$23 is a good price for any 20,000mAh USB battery pack, but it’s especially tempting when you consider that this model from Aukey has a rare (and optional) Lightning input. That means iPhone owners can recharge it on the go without packing a grody microUSB cable.

The Xbox One deals continue unabated, with Microsoft now offering up a $50 gift card and a free bonus game (from a very limited selection) when you purchase a console. This deal is available on two separate Xbox One S consoles, plus the “old” Xbox Name Your Game bundle, which is now marked down to $250.

Stick-anywhere LED lights are great for illuminating dark closets and cabinets, and two different models from OxyLED are on sale today when you buy two.

The T-01 is your basic, barebones tap light, while the T-02 includes more LEDs and a motion sensor. Just add two of either light to your cart, use the corresponding promo code, and you should get both for the price listed below.

Just because your new phone charges over USB-C doesn’t mean you have to throw away all of your old microUSB cables. With a 2-pack of USB-C to microUSB adapters, it’s cheap and easy to convert them on demand. You’ll also get a bonus USB-C to USB-A female adapter, just for kicks.

If you have any DIY or home improvement projects on the horizon, this discounted Lowe’s gift card is a no-brainer. I suggest spending the $15 you saved on booze to drink while you operate power tools.

The Worx Electric TriVac is a leaf blower, yes. But with the flip of a switch, it reverses suction and becomes an outdoor vacuum and mulcher, and Amazon’s marked it down to an all-time low $80 today, just in time for fall.

Note: This model doesn’t have a battery, so you’ll want to get an extension cord if you don’t already own one.

Previously, the discounts at GAP hadn’t included their jeans, which is a shame because they’re great at denim. But this time, when you use the code FALL, you’ll knock 40% off your entire purchase, and denim is included.

A few other things to consider: the 40% off works on GAP’s pretty large (up to 60% off) sale section and at it also stretches to Banana Republic and Old Navy. Plus, the shopping bag you load up to stuff will stay with you across those sites so that you can purchase multiple things from all three stores without having to check out a million times.

Take a look around your house: Odds are, it’s not as clean as it could be. Luckily, Amazon’s offering a pretty incredible deal on house cleaning, this week only.

All you have to do is book two or more hours of house cleaning through Amazon for $69.99 or more, and you’ll automatically get a $40 cash back within two business days. Unfortunately, Amazon isn’t set up with providers everywhere in the country, but if you live in a covered area, this is as good a deal as you’ll ever see on professional cleaning services.

Just note that you’ll have to complete the checkout process with the local provider by 10/20, and you’ll have to schedule service within 90 days.

If you want to dip your toes into the world of electric toothbrushes, Philips’ entry level Sonicare Essence line is an amazing value at $20 (after clipping the $5 coupon). I’ve been using this brush for years, and I still love it.

We saw this deal last month, but if you missed out, it’s back in stock today.

Timbuk2's Commute and Command lines of messengers bags were voted your favorite in the category by a significant margin. This week you can get them for 30% cheaper, as well as their backpack variants with code KINJA30.

The headline feature on Timbuk2's Command Backpacks is their TSA-compliant laptop and tablet access, because any reduction of a pain point of air travel is always welcome. Lined pockets can be used to safely store your smartphone or sunglasses, and air mesh padding mitigates your rage sweating as you make your way through security.

Many of those same great features come to the messenger bags, along with additions like side-entry pockets for easy access, luggage passthrough straps, and of course a plethora of internal organization options.

Settlers of Catan is one of those games that everyone should have on their shelves, and Amazon’s marked it down to $32 today. That’s within a few cents of the lowest price Amazon’s ever listed. Unfortunately, they won’t trade it to you for two wheats; I asked.

Xbox Live Gold discounts don’t come around as often as they used to, so if your membership is due to expire in the near future, grab another year for $40 on eBay today.




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