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If you haven’t heard of the Bondic Liquid Plastic Welder before, you’ll be sold after you watch that video. Liquified plastic comes out of one end, and only hardens once it’s exposed to the LED light on the other end. Judging by the 4+ star review average, it really does seem to work as advertised. It’s been out of stock for awhile, but it’s back today at $22. [Bondic Liquid Plastic Welder, $22]

Update: Code is expired

Bluetooth earbuds are awesome for exercise, and mandatory if you want to use your Android Wear or Apple Watch to listen to audio on the go. And for just $22 (with code PDB68PMR), you might as well run off with a pair.

Mpow’s popular Swift earbuds pack a solid 6-8 hours of battery life into an extremely small package, and judging by the user reviews, they sound surprisingly decent for the price. We’ve seen these get down to the low $20-range a few times before, but they usually sell out pretty quickly, so grab a pair while you can. [Mpow® Swift Bluetooth 4.0 Wireless Stereo Sweatproof Sport Headphones, $22 with code PDB68PMR]

Sonicare is one of the most trusted names in dental care, and their EasyClean electric toothbrush is back down to its lowest price today on Amazon, after you clip a $10 coupon. Its built-in quadpacer ensures you give each section of your mouth equal treatment, and it even comes with an extra brush head, a travel bag, a tongue scraper, mouthwash, and $30 in coupons for other Sonicare products. [Philips Sonicare Sonicare EasyClean Sonic Rechargeable Toothbrush, $59 after $10 coupon]

Once you’re done brushing, it’s time to shave, and the Panasonic Arc3 Wet/Dry electric razor is down to $60, matching its all-time low price on Amazon. The Arc3 series was one of your five favorites in a recent Kinja Co-Op, and it’s a great entry-level shaver for anyone who wants to transition away from standard blades. [Panasonic Arc3 Electric Razor Wet/Dry with Flexible Pivoting Head, $60]

If your kitchen’s still stocked with $10 nonstick skillets and saucepans that you can bend with your bare hands, it’s time to throw all of that away and upgrade to tri-ply cookware.

This 12-piece Emeril by All-Clad set is actually designed by All-Clad, the most respected name in cookware. The only major differences between these pans and real All-Clad pieces is that they’re made in China rather than the US, and the aluminum cores are only on the base of the pans, rather than extending all the way up the sides. Sure, those are both drawbacks, but you can get this entire set for about the price of a single All-Clad skillet ($155 shipped today, via Woot), so they might be worth overlooking unless you’re running a restaurant.

Emeril by All-Clad products have solid reviews across Amazon, and they come with the same lifetime limited warranty as their expensive All-Clad brethren.

So what exactly makes these so much better than the cheap pots and pans you bought in college? The secret is their three-layer construction that sandwiches a layer of fast-heating aluminum inside two layers of layer of durable and heat-retaining stainless steel. That means your pans get hot fast, stay hot longer, and distribute heat very evenly. If you find yourself reading Skillet or Foodspin with any regularity, you’ll love these. [Emeril by All-Clad Tri-Ply 12-Pc Stainless Cookware Set, $155]

If you live near a Sam’s Club, but the membership fee has scared you off from joining, this might change your tune. Groupon is currently selling a one-year Sam’s Plus membership, a $20 gift card, and vouchers for select fresh food items for just $45.

The Plus membership alone (which lets you get into the store early, access special deals, and earn cash back) normally costs $100, and the gift card is as good as cash, so this is an insane value if you like to buy in bulk. [One-Year Sam’s Plus Membership, $20 Gift Card, and Free Fresh Food Certificates, $45]

You could push a button and make a bland, mass-produced cup of Keurig coffee every morning...or you could do things the Walter White way.

This is a vacuum pot, which you can read about on our coffee gear guide, but here’s the upshot:

[The] vacuum brewing method extracts all precious oils of your favorite coffee. The vacuum brewing process is entirely sealed off so no aroma can escape. In addition, the brewing time and temperature are perfectly calibrated, ensuring a perfect cup of coffee with each brew.

This Pyrex set sold out quickly at $15 the last time we posted it, but now it’s back, this time at Walmart. I got mine in the mail the a few weeks ago, and I’ve already thrown out most of my old plastic leftover containers.

What makes these so great? Unlike plastic, you can put them in the freezer without cracking, the oven without melting, or the microwave without worrying about leaching chemicals. Plus, they just look way classier. Grab a set before it disappears again. [ Pyrex 14-Piece Round Set, $15]

If you’re still using the crappy shower head that came with your home or apartment, Amazon’s offering you a great chance to upgrade. For a limited time, you can save an additional 20% on select Delta shower heads, including several of The Sweethome’s favorites. I’ve had the Delta 75152 for a few years, and absolutely love it, especially for the price. [Extra 20% off Delta Shower Heads]

Note: Final price is shown at checkout, and is in addition to any discounts listed on the product page. Items must be shipped and sold by, so make sure you aren’t trying to buy from a third party seller.

The new 2015 13” MacBook Pro is an awesome machine (and I would know, I’m typing this on one right now), and you can save $200 on yours today from Best Buy (or $250, if you have access to a .edu email address). $1100 gets you a 128GB SSD, 8GB of RAM, a gorgeous 2560x1600 IPS retina display, and Apple’s brand new Force Touch trackpad. [Apple MacBook Pro 2015, $1100 or $1050 with .edu email]

The world is overflowing with USB hubs and USB ethernet adapters, but this one will act as both. If you own a MacBook or a similar ultrathin laptop without an ethernet port, this looks like a must-own accessory, especially if you travel frequently. [Aukey 3-Port USB 3.0 Hub with 10/100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet Converter, $16 with code CBH15PRO]

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Chromebooks are really starting to catch on, and if you want one of your own, you won’t find a much better deal than the ASUS Chromebook 13 for $229. Unlike most Chromebooks, this one comes with 4GB of RAM, which is great for anyone who likes to open a lot of tabs, and a 13” screen, which is ideal for watching movies. Its 10 hour battery life doesn’t hurt either. [ASUS Chromebook 13, $229]

We post a lot of deals on hulking 10,000-20,000mAh external USB battery packs here, and they’re great for long trips and power outages, but obviously not ideal for carrying around in your pocket on an average day. For that, a lipstick-sized charger that can give your phone an extra few hours of battery life is all you need, and we’ve got one for $8 today. [RAVPower Luster 3000mAh Mini Portable Charger, $8 with code BA5O7IZP]

This would also pair well with a keychain-compatible charging cable.

More Top Power Deals:

The PS4 may be winning this round of the console wars, but you can get some really fantastic deals if you opt for an Xbox One. Today you actually have two options to choose from.

Both cost $350, and both come with the Halo: Master Chief Collection console bundle. Dell is tossing in an extra controller and a controller charging dock for free, and Walmart is including an extra game of your choice. I’d probably opt for Dell’s offering, since games tend to depreciate much faster than controllers, but you really can’t go wrong either way.

If you’re dead set on a PS4, Best Buy will throw in a two year membership to Gamers Club Unlocked (a $30 value) when you purchase the console at full price. That’s not as good as these Xbox deals, but it’s better than nothing.

Do you charge your DualShock 4s with a cable, like some sort of caveman? Instead, just drop them onto this cradle, and power up two at once. [PowerA DualShock 4 Controller Charging Station for PlayStation 4, $17]

If your older vehicle lacks modern conveniences like Bluetooth audio and a rear view camera, you don’t need to go out and buy a new one; you can buy and install them yourself for shockingly little money.

Mpow Streambot One Bluetooth 4.0 Hands-Free Car Kit ($21) | Amazon | Promo code BEYHGKWF

Esky Waterproof HD Night Vision Rear View Backup Camera + 4.3” LCD Monitor ($27) | Amazon | Add both to cart and use code VQHLI3FE

Western Digital makes some of the most trusted hard drives on the market, and their beefy 4TB My Book model is marked down to $119 today, which is actually the same price they’re charging for 3TB. The price has dipped down to this level a few times in the past, but it’s never lasted long, so grab yours quickly. [WD My Book 4 TB USB 3.0 Hard Drive, $119]

You can never have too many Lightning cables, especially when you can get two for $15. That’s less than Apple charges for one. [2x iClever MFi-Certified Lightning Cables, $15. Add two to cart and use code S5DT4KPA]

If you’d rather have a single, much longer cord, this is also a great deal. [Cambond 10’ Colored MFi-Certified Lightning Cable, $9 with code F899VL7Z]

The deal that just didn’t want to stay in stock is back, at least for now. These Velcro cable ties are one of the most popular items we’ve ever listed, and at $6 for a 100-pack, it’s easy to see why.

If the back of your home theater or your desk is a rat king of tangled wires, this is one of the easiest and most economical ways of wrangling them. The issue is that whenever we see them in stock at this price, they sell out within hours, so grab a pack while you can. [100 Velcro Cable Ties, $6]

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