Tile's Refreshed Lineup Offers New Form Factors, Better Range, And Longer Battery Life

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Tile trackers have been around for years, but they’ve never been easy to attach to items without some sort of keychain-type loop. That changes today with the company’s new (and frankly, long overdue) Tile Stickers.

The small, water-resistant stickers include single-use 3M adhesive on the bottom, allowing you to stick them to just about any flat surface. At 1/4" thick, they will add some bulk to thin devices like laptops and tablets, but they seem well suited for bulkier items like bikes, skateboards, and DSLR cameras.

Sadly, they don’t feature user-replaceable batteries like some of the company’s recent offerings, but Tile is promising three years of battery life, which is hard to complain about for in a $20 product.


Meanwhile, the company also unveiled a new version of the Tile Slim, which is designed to slide into wallets, luggage tags, and the like. This new model, sensibly, shares a footprint with standard credit cards, though it’s as thick as three of them, so it may not be well suited to minimal wallets. It also lacks a replaceable battery, though Tile says it’ll also last for three years, up from just one in the previous iteration.


And in less dramatic news, the keychain-friendly Tile Pro got a slight redesign and a range increase to a whopping 400 feet, while the entry-level Tile Mate got a range increase from 150 feet to 200. Both continue to offer user-replaceable batteries, making them the best value in the lineup, in my view.