Sene's FlexTech Suit Looks Great, Is Actually Comfortable

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Sene FlexTech Suit | Kickstarter
Gif: Kickstarter

Suits aren’t meant to be comfortable. Nobody really ever wants to wear a suit. But Sene is aiming to change that with the ambitious new FlexTech custom suit, now on Kickstarter for both men and women.

Made from a technical fabric that doesn’t look technical (honestly, you’d never know it unless you tugged on it), the FlexTech suit features four-way stretch, is extremely wrinkle and lint resistant, wicks sweat, and <drumroll please> is machine washable. I’ve tried one on, and while I wouldn’t go as far as Sene does in claiming that it’s as comfortable as a pair of sweats, it’s certainly more pleasant to wear than other suits I’ve owned.

Sene lays out one particular scenario, flying, where the FlexTech really shines. If you have to get straight to a meeting/wedding/funeral right after you hop off the plane, the FlexTech is going to be far more comfortable than any other suit while crammed into a tiny airline seat, and it won’t even be wrinkled once you land.

Sene is also banking on customization options, a la Indochino, to set themselves apart. After you order, you can submit all of your measurements, plus various preferences like pocket styles, cuffs, and hidden buttons, and your suit will be made to order once it’s ready to ship.


Sene currently has 11 days left on its campaign, and it’s already fully funded, but you can lock in a full suit for $415, or less if you only want the pants or the blazer.