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que Is a Collapsible Bottle That's Actually Pleasant To Drink From

que Bottle | $20 | Amazon
que Bottle | $20 | Amazon
Graphic: Chelsea Stone
No Thought, Just BoughtNo Thought, Just BoughtBefore making most purchases, we meticulously research all of our options, wait for deals, and try to make an informed buying decision. But sometimes, we just buy things on a whim, and end up loving them anyway. No Thought, Just Bought is a space to share the impulse purchases that exceeded our expectations.

Not too long ago, I went to an herbalist, who made me a tincture that will supposedly help with some stomach issues I’ve been having (I don’t want to get into it, and that’s not what this story is about anyway, so don’t you people get into it in the comments either!). The tincture not only tastes utterly disgusting, but I also have to drink it before breakfast, lunch, and dinner. And because I happen to eat both breakfast and lunch at my desk, I had to quickly come up with a way to transport a horrible tasting liquid to work without it bursting in my bag and getting all over my junk.


Because this drink is about three gulps worth of tincture and water, it felt a little silly to use my big Swell water bottle to carry it around. Plus, once I finished the drink, I’d be stuck with a big empty bottle. So off I went to Amazon, literally typed “water bottle” into the search bar, and what I found was this collapsable silicone bottle from que. At $20, it wasn’t exactly cheap, but I went for it anyway because I was sort of in a hurry and also was in one of those moods where I just didn’t feel like doing a ton of comparison shopping.

Gif: Chelsea Stone

My lime green que arrived the next day, and I must say, we’ve been inseparable ever since. The great thing about the que bottle is that when it’s empty, it easily collapses into a tiny, 4-inch version of itself, which is both highly adorable and highly convenient. The bottle is not that big when it’s fully stretched out either, just 12 oz and 6.8 inches long. Finding space in my bag for a cylinder of that size was no problem at all, and carrying around the small, coiled-up version is barely even noticeable.

Another que perk: The bottle is completely made of silicone, so there’s no potential for my offensively bitter drink to make the bottle permanently smell or taste weird. Plus, it’s easy to clean and safe for hot liquids, should I so choose to use it for a warm beverage.

The cap of the que and the inner rim of the opening, however, are made from stainless steel. This feature makes it feel like you’re actually using a real water bottle, not a floppy piece of silicone, to hold your liquids, and I feel confident every time I screw that cap closed that no tincture will escape.

In short, the que was a hugely successful small water bottle impulse buy. So successful, in fact, that I’m considering buying a second que in another color...