This Is The Best Earmuff, According to You

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When we asked “What’s the Best Earmuff?” I thought there’d be a pretty heated contest—I was wrong. There was one clear winner and it was the 180s Fleece Behind-the-Head Earmuffs.

Netting more than half of the votes, this polyester, behind-the-neck imported number can keep your ears warm without messing up your doo.

I never really tried them before, and was hesitant about an over the head earmuff due to my hair getting messed up very easily...then I found the 180s Behind the Head earmuffs. Now they go with me even when there is merely the THREAT of chilliness. I chose black as that non-color goes with everything and is fairly discrete.

Not only do they NOT mess up your hair, they fold up to a ridiculously compact size, provide a great deal of warmth to your ears...and a decent portion of the back of your head...and don’t look completely silly (only a little silly). I also found, and I have no science to back this up, that warm ears go a long way toward making ALL of you feel warm (eh, gloves are kind of required, too). Seriously, I’ll wear a blazer out and still be pretty warm as long as my ears and hands are well insulated...replace the blazer with a decent fleece or down jacket, and you are toasty, indeed!

You can get a lot cheaper brands than the 180s, but I have found the plastic in those tend to break whereas I am on my fifth season with my current 180s, so the extra cost is well justified in long term savings. The better quality fleece also means they are warmer and don’t pill as easily. -Osmodious


Runner-ups included the Sprigs Earbags and the Bluetooth version of the winner, 180s Bluetooth Gen II Ear Warmers. Both are definitely worth a consideration, but if you want a more luxurious option, consider intrepid commerce editor, Chelsea Stone’s pick.


“Close your eyes. Think about how good Uggs feel on your feet. Now imagine that sensation on your ears. That’s what it feels like to wear these supremely luxurious Ugg Earmuffs. I splurged on a pair when I first moved to New York and have never regretted it. Back then, they didn’t come in Bluetooth, but lucky for you and your too-quiet commute, they do now.” -Chelsea Stone