This Election Day Vote for Self Care With 20% off Bellesa Vibrators

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20% off Select Vibes | Bellesa | Certain Codes Apply
20% off Select Vibes | Bellesa | Certain Codes Apply

20% off Select Vibes | Bellesa | Certain Codes Apply

Today is going to be stressful no matter how you slice it. But our beautiful pals at Bellesa want to inject a little playfulness to lighten the mood. In the spirit of democracy, they want you to vote on your favorite vibe from their line and save 20%. These deals will run until the end of Wednesday. Now just select your party and get to stuffing your ballot box.

The nominee for the Suction Party is the Air. If you’re into high-tech toys to stimulate two of the best zones then this might be your party. The Cinetic Suction plays that top note to perfection while high-end vibrator tech hits the g-spot with precision. Durable and flexible for all types and preferences. If this is the toy for you use the code VOTEAIR and get it for $79.

Speaking of the right spot. If you love to keep your affairs internal then you belong in the G-Spot Party with the Aurora ($79). Soft, sleek, and powerful. Just one button gets it going to push all yours. This is a great beginner vibe so first-timers use the code VOTEAURORA.

A little from column a, a little from column b. Why choose when you can get both. The Dea is representing the Dual Party ($95). Created with the maximum pleasure of both the G-spot and the clit in mind, this is an actual deity on earth. It’s ergonomic and blends it all together in a rhythmic fashion. Keep in touch with yourself, take a real journey of relaxation and discovery. Just use the code VOTEDEA.

Free shipping on all of these no matter which you pick.